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We are boundary-breakers, explorers, and collaborators. We offer more than 60 fields of study, so you can find your passion and discover what drives you. We teach fundamental, life-long habits of the mind that prepare you for any career. Join us in finding solutions to the most complex challenges facing society.


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Jewelle Vernon

BA'19 Philosophy and Public Policy Studies

Jewelle Vernon has never been one to approach life conventionally. She isn't one to say no to a new experience or to shy away from something unfamiliar. Naturally, during her time at A&S, she took advantage of the ability to explore multiple disciplines until she found a path that resonated with her. When she began to take Philosophy courses at A&S, she couldn't get enough of the conversations about big questions that needed answering. Her passion for answering these questions led her to forge a path into social justice, double majoring in Philosophy and Public Policy. But even that path has taken unexpected turns.  

After graduating from Vanderbilt she took an opportunity to work at JP Morgan Chase in Chicago as a banking analyst, applying her understanding of people and what motivates them to the banking industry. Her unique approach bolstered her resolve to continue to forge a unique career path that taps into her passions and strengths.

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