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Psychology Major – 36 hours

Honors Program – 42 hours

The Honors Program offers students the opportunity to gain intensive experience conducting scientific research with a faculty mentor. Not only is participation challenging and intellectually engaging, it offers training that is of considerable value in preparation for graduate school and/or a broad variety of career trajectories. Students typically apply to participate in this program at the end of their Sophomore year. In addition to working extensively in a research laboratory throughout their Junior and Senior years, students also participate in the Honors Seminar for at least 3 semesters. The program culminates in the completion of a written Honors Thesis, a poster presentation of the research conducted as part of Psychology Day, as well as an oral presentation and defense of the project. Students who successfully complete the Honors Program and maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.3 will graduate with the special designation of either “Honors” or “High Honors” in their related major.

  • PSY 1200, General Psychology
  • PSY 2100 or PSY 2101 (Peabody), Quantitative Methods
  • PSY 2150, Experimental Design
  • 4 Distribution Courses
  • 2 or 3 of the following sessions of the Honors Seminar: PSY 3980 (Fall Junior), 3981 (Spring Junior), 4998 (Fall Senior)
  • PSY 4999, Honors Seminar (Spring Senior)
  • 3 Psychology Electives (Students who only take three semesters of Honors Seminars will need to take an additional elective course to fulfill their 42 hours).

Further Details about Program Courses