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Biochemistry and Chemical Biology (BCB) Undergraduate Major

The study of chemical processes within living systems is an interdisciplinary enterprise that spans the fields of chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, biophysics, and engineering. Chemical biology and biochemistry use chemical insight, techniques, and tools to study or manipulate biological systems. They are the cornerstones of medical technology and therapeutics. To provide students with training in modern principles at a chemistry-biology interface, Vanderbilt’s interdisciplinary major in Biochemistry & Chemical Biology incorporates expertise from multiple departments in the University. Students receive a broad background in the natural sciences (chemistry, biology, physics) and mathematics, followed by fundamental core training in principles of biochemistry and chemical biology that involves both theoretical and laboratory coursework. Students then pursue an area of emphasis in either Biochemistry or Chemical Biology through upper level elective courses. Students participate in independent research in laboratories of biochemistry and chemical biology faculty. Additional research experience is available in the Honors Program.

This is an interdisciplinary major, and the coursework is drawn from the following departments / programs:

In most cases, the math and science classes required for this major fulfill those needed for the pre-medical curriculum.  However it is the student’s responsibility to check with the appropriate medical school or the Health Professional Advising Office to confirm that all pre-medical perquisites have been fulfilled.