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A Graduate Program for Nashville’s Adult Learners

Vanderbilt's Master of Liberal Arts and Science (MLAS) Program is a graduate degree program for adult students who want to pursue their love of learning. Offered through Vanderbilt's College of Arts and Science, the program offers:
  • A master's degree from one of the nation's leading universities
  • Access to world-class faculty and learning facilities
  • An opportunity to broaden your knowledge base across a range of subjects
  • Connection to a community of curious-minded adults engaged in the pursuit of knowledge
  • A flexible, part-time schedule designed for working professionals

Classes are offered on weekday evenings throughout the year, including the summer. Students take ten courses to earn the degree. Most students complete the program in three and a half years.*
You can chart your own journey of critical engagement and personal enrichment by participating in this distinctive graduate-degree program at Vanderbilt. You can benefit from the intellectual enrichment and academic interchange as well as earn a Master’s degree from a distinguished research university.

*Although MLAS students take classes part-time, in exceptional circumstances and with the Director’s written approval, students may be enrolled full-time. International students wishing to attend the MLAS program on certain visas will be required to enroll full-time to maintain their visa status.