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Master of Arts in Latin American Studies

Master of Arts in Latin American Studies

The M.A. in Latin American Studies requires course work with a Latin American content or with subject matter that is closely related to the area. Candidates for the M.A. choose a thesis (24 semester hours plus 6 thesis hours) or non-thesis (33 hours) option. Each option requires completion of LAS 5901- Research Seminar (an interdisciplinary seminar which focuses on research methodologies and the use of reference materials for Latin Americanists). Master’s degree candidates are expected to demonstrate language competence in Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole or K’iche’ Maya. This means advanced proficiency in one of the four languages and intermediate proficiency in another. All students accepted into the program are fully funded through a fellowship that includes a monthly stipend and health insurance.

Non-Thesis Option

15 hours must be in a selected major discipline. An additional 9 hours must be in a second discipline, which will serve as the selected minor field. The remaining 9 hours must be in three additional courses with a Latin American content, wherever possible being selected from disciplines other than the major and minor fields.

15 hours — major field
9 hours –minor field
6 hours –additional fields
3 hours — LAS 5901
33 hours (total)

Thesis Option

9 hours in additional fields. The student will write a thesis under the direction of a Center faculty member and with the collaboration of a second member of the faculty. There is no written or oral final examination for the M.A. degree, thesis or non-thesis. Students on this track are expected to successfully complete a thesis defense.

9 hours — major field
6 hours — minor field
6 hours — additional field
3 hours — LAS 5901
3 hours- Thesis research
3 hours- Thesis writing
30 hours (total)

Graduate School Application:
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