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For Students

Following is a list of the resources most often requested by CLACX students. Visit the Admissions website for a full list of student resources.



The SomosVU initiative strengthens and connects Vanderbilt’s Latinx community. This initiative, imagined by Professor Gretchen Selcke in the Spring of 2019, and in partnership with the Student Center for Social Justice and Identity and Vanderbilt’s Association of Latin American Students, ignites and aligns Latinx efforts across campus as part of the Provost’s Office for Inclusive Excellence.

The SomosVU initiative

  • Calls the community into conversation and emphasizes the values of connection, inclusion, and celebration.
  • Addresses the need for the visibility of Latinx presence, influence and representation on campus while honoring the accomplishments of Latinx leaders and groups.
  • Encourages faculty-student mentor relationships, as well as solidarity among allies, to create opportunities to celebrate and elevate their Latinx peers.
  • And charges all of us to build an inclusive Latinx community at Vanderbilt University.