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Fall 2024 – Open Enrollment. Check our courses!

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Hello VU students,

TODAY is open enrollment, we wanted to circulate the list of all courses across campus that are eligible for Latin American and Latino and Latina Studies programs (major/minor/graduate/certificate). There are a total of 116 courses, representing 23 different departments so, no matter your area of interest, there is definitely something here for you! CLACX’s DGS and DUS Gretchen Selcke, will be happy to answer any questions you might have.




AADS 1010 Introduction to African American and Diaspora Studies Taaffe, Claudine/Staff
AADS 1016 Race Matters Ikard, David
AADS 2214 History and Myth: Black Women in the United States Staff
AADS 3214 Black Masculinity: Social Imagery and Public Policy Whiting, Gilman
AADS 4506 Slavery and Public Memory Taaffe, Claudine
ANTH 1101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Conklin, Beth
ANTH1201 Introduction to Archaeology Caramanica, Ari
ANTH 1601 Introduction to Language and Culture Harvey, TS
ANTH 2101/5101 Theories of Culture Eberl, Markus
ANTH 2116W Coffee: Biology, Culture, and Political Economy Fischer, Edward
ANTH 2125 Climate Change, Collapse, and Sustainability in History Sauer, Jacob
ANTH 2227 Food in the Ancient World Caramanica, Ari
ANTH 2231 Ancient Andean Civilizations Young, Michelle
ANTH 2370 Death and the Body Saul, Tiffany
ANTH 2380W Latinx/AfroLatinx Ethnographies: The (Un)Making of Latinidades Gamez, Rebeca
ANTH 2381W The Clothes We Wear: Textiles, Clothing and Fashion in a Global World Sattler, Mareike
ANTH 3050 A.I. and Material Culture Eberl, Markus
ANTH 3134 Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples Bjork-James, Carwil
ANTH 3140 Myth, Ritual, Belief: The Anthropology of Religion Ross, Norbert
ANTH 3141/6141 Anthropology of Healing MacLeish, Kenneth
ANTH 3202/6202 The Collapse of Civilizations Demarest, Arthur
ANTH 3261/6261 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Hohnson, Stacy
ANTH 3262/6262 Ethics in Anthropology, Archaeology, and Development Demarest, Arthur
ANTH 3372/6372 Human Osteology Saul, Tiffany
ANTH 3401W Evolutionary Biology of Women (Womxn) Keith, Monica
ANTH 3890/6890 Special Topics – Managing Health Inequalities Harvey, TS
ANTH 3890 Special Topics – Welcome to the Jungle: Amazoni Morais Soares, Ana Luiza
ANTH 3890 Special Topics – The Anthropology of Security McKinstson, Kimberly
ANTH 4154/6154 Environmental Anthropology Sauer, Jacob
ANTH 4201W Origins of Social Inequality Young, Michelle
ANTH 5231 Ancient Andean Civilizations Young, Michelle
ANTH 6890 Special Topics – Professionalization Seminar I Benn Torres, Jada
ANTH 8000 History of Anthropological Theory I Torres Colon, Gabriel
ANTH 8001 History of Anthropological Theory II Torres Colon, Gabriel
ANTH 8010 Special Topics – Biological Anthropology Benn Torres, Jada
ANTH 8010 Special Topics – Race Class and Gender McKinstson, Kimberly
CREO 1101/5101 Elementary Haitian Creole I (Duke) STAFF
CREO 2201/5201 Intermediate Haitian Creole I (Duke) STAFF
DIV 6648 Imperial Biblical Criticism Segovia, Fernando
DIV 7033 Seminar in Catastrophe, Trauma, and Hope Gonzalez-Justiniano, Yara
CAL 3200 Democracy, Deliberation, and Lived Experience Torres Colon, Gabriel
CAL 3890 Special Topics – The Politics of Asylum: Border Ruiz, Jesus
EES 2550/5250 Earth Materials Gualda, Guilherme
EES 4238 Ecology Jorge, Maria
ECON 2220 Latin American Development Vides De Andrade, Ana R.
ECON 7600 International Trade and Economic Development Saggi, Rupinder
EDUC 6610 Learning, Diversity, and Urban Studies, Seminar I Iddings, Ana
EDUC 7953 Practicum in Learning, Diversity and Urban Studies Iddings, Ana
EDUC 8040 Diversity and Equity in Education Leyva, Luis/White, Devin
EDP 6140 Economics of Education/Education Policy Barrera-Osorio, Felipe
ENGL 3898 Special Topics in English and American Literature – Aesthetics and Politics Amich, Candice
ENGL 8351 Studies in 20th and 21st Century American Literatures – Aesthetics and Politics Amich, Candice
FREN 1111 First-Year Writing Seminar – FYS: Caribbean and Latin Amererica Miller, Paul
FREN 3621 Enlightenment and Revolution Miller, Paul
HIST 1379W The Inquisition in the New World: Law, Deviance, and Heresy in Colonial Mexico Wright-Rios, Edward
HIST 2457 Drug Trafficking and Society in Latin America Wright-Rios, Edward
HIST 2535 Latin America and the United States Robinson, William
HIST 2570 Caribbean History, 1492-1983 Robinson, William
IEPM 6110 International Organizations and Economic Development Heinrich, Carolyn
IEPM 6130 Comparative Issues in Higher Education Heuser, Brian
IEPM 7950 Practicum in International Education Policy and Management Cravens, Xiu
KICH 1101/5101 Elementary K’iche’ I Sattler, Mareike
KICH 2201/5201 Intermediate K’iche’ I Sattler, Mareike
LAS 1111 First-Year Writing Seminar – FYS: Music is Power De Moraes, Lidiana
LAS 2106W Cultivating the Americas: Plants and Culture through Vanderbilt’s Latin American Garden Dickins de Giron, Avery
LAS 3500 History of Environmental Law in Latin America and the Caribbean Plishka, Matt
LATS 1210 Contemporary Chicanx Studies Lomeli, Hilario
LATS 2201 Introduction to Latino and Latina Studies Lomeli, Hilario
LATS 4961 Latino and Latina Studies Seminar Selcke, Gretchen
LATS 5961 Seminar Selcke, Gretchen
MHS 1600 Introduction to Nutrition and Health for a Changing World Bennett, Jessica
MHS 1940 Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Koleyni, Camellia
MHS 2420 Economic Demography and Global Health Jones, Martha
MUSE 1010 Instrumental Ensembles Verrier, Thomas
MUSE 1310 Jazz Ensemble: Big Band Middagh, Ryan
MUSE 1320 Jazz Ensemble: Small Combo Middagh, Ryan
HODI 3230 Education and Economic Development Barrera-Osorio, Felipe
HODI 3240 Effectiveness in International For-Profit Organizations Heuser, Brian
PSCI 1101 Introduction to Comparative Politics McMury, Nina
PSCI 1102 Introduction to International Politics Gannon, Juan
PSCI 2225 International Political Economy Schram, Peter
PSCI 2252 The Politics of Migration Across the Americas Hiskey, Jonathan
PSCI 3217 Latin American Politics Dorff, Cassy
PSCI 3270 Human Rights Ritter, Emily
PSCI 8367 Formal Models of International Relations Kenkel, Brenton
PORT 1103 Intensive Elementary Portuguese Legg, Benjamin
PORT 2203/5203 Intermediate Portuguese Oliveira-Monte, Emanuelle
PORT 3301/5301 Portuguese through the Arts Fitz, Earl
PORT 3303/5303 Introduction to Luso-Brazilian Literature Oliveira-Monte, Emanuelle
PORT 4350 Portraits of Brazil: Culture, Society and the Arts Legg, Benjamin
SOC 3321 Population and Society Sana, Mariano
SOC 3322 Immigration in America Sana, Mariano
SPAN 1111 First-Year Writing Seminar – FYS:20th C Span Amer Lit Falconi, Heraldo
SPAN 1111 First-Year Writing Seminar – FYS: Border Narratives Trigo, Benigno
SPAN 2201 Intermediate Spanish I STAFF
SPAN 2202 Intermediate Spanish II Lorenzo-Garcia, Alicia
SPAN 2204 Intensive Intermediate Spanish Pintane, Maria Paz
SPAN 3290 Introduction to Spanish for the Professions Pintane, Maria Paz
SPAN 3301W Intermediate Spanish Writing Falconi/Ortiz
SPAN 3302 Spanish For Oral Communication Through Cultural Topics Delassus, Sarah
SPAN 3303 Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Literature Luis/Lopez/Cardenas Bunsen
SPAN 3304 Contemporary Issues in the Spanish-Speaking World Aballi Morell/Wenz
SPAN 3310W Spanish for Heritage Speakers Helmuth/Ortiz
SPAN 3340 Advanced Conversation Delassus, Sarah
SPAN 3345 Spanish in Business and the Global Economy Catanzaro, Lorraine J.
SPAN 3385 Creative Writing and Advanced Grammar Gardner, Victoria
SPAN 3830 Spanish for Health and Society Catanzaro, Lorraine J.
SPAN 3891 Special Topics in Hispanic Culture – Sports, Media, and Society Murphy, Patrick
SPAN 3893 Special Topics in Hispanic Literature – Latinex US Literature Luis, William
SPAN 4300 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics Wasick, Cynthia
SPAN 4320 The Sounds of Spanish Rasico, Philip
SPAN 4420 Spanish American Literature from the Conquest to 1900 Cardenas Bunsen, Jose
SPAN 4440 Development of the Short Story Hill, Ruth
SPAN 4550 The Theory and Practice of Literary Translation Fitz, Earl
SPAN 4730 Modern Latin American Poetry Karageorgou Bastea, Christina
SPAN 4760 Literature and Medicine Trigo, Benigno

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