Spring 2018 Course Offerings

 ANTH 1001  Commons Seminar: Ancient Grains & Natural Medicines  Dickins de Giron, Margaret A.
 ANTH 1101  Introduction to Anthropology  Fischer, Edward — or– Cavagnaro, Kellie
 ANTH 1201W  Introduction to Archeology  Guengerich, Anna
 ANTH 1301  Introduction to Biological Anthropology  Tung, Tiffiny
 ANTH 2106/5106  Culture and Power in Latin America  Gill, Lesley
 ANTH 2211/5211  Archaeology  Fowler, William R
 ANTH 3121/6121  Global Health and Poverty Gill, Lesley
 ANTH 3140/6140  Myth, Ritual, Belief: The Anthropology of Religion  Ross, Norbert
 ANTH 3143/6143  Medical Anthropology  Conklin, Beth
 ANTH 3162  Material Culture of New World Slavery  Orser, Charles
 ANTH 3200/6200  Ancient Cities  Janusek, John
 ANTH 3240  Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations  Fowler, William R.
 ANTH 3346  Human Adaptation and Disease  Benn Torres, Jada
 ANTH 3890/8010  Medicine, Language & Communication in Global Public Health  Harvery, T.S.
 ANTH 3890  Gender & Sexuality in the Ancient World  Hernandez Garavito, Carla
 CREO 1102/5102  Elementary Haitian Creole II  STAFF
 CREO 2202/5202  Intermediate Haitian Creole II  STAFF
 ECON 2220  Latin American Economic Development  Vides De Andrade, Ana R.
 ECON 3600  International Trade  Suwanprasert, Wisarut
 ECON 3650/5650  Development Economics  Gutierrez, Federico
 ECON 7910  Seminar: Research Economic Development  Inoue, Atsushi
 ECON 7920  Seminar: Research Economic Development  Dustan, Andrew D.
BME 3890-2 Sp Topics: BME Service Learning in Guatemala Paschal, Cynthia
 ENGL 2319  World Literature, Modern  Fesmire, Julia
 Hist 1380  Modern Latin America  Schultz, Kara
 HIST 2510/5510  Reform and Revolution in Latin America  Eakin, Marshall
 HIST 2535/5535  Latin American and the United States  Robinson, William F.
 HIST 8050  Studies in Comparative History: Nation-building & Nationalism  Eakin, Marshall
 HOD 3200/7600  Global Dimensions of Community Development  Carse, Ashley
 KICH 1102/5102  Elementary K’iche’ II  Sattler, Mareike
KICH 2202/5202  Intermediate K’iche’ II Sattler, Mareike
 LAS 2102  Introduction to Brazil  Kostiw, Nicolette M.
 LAS 3851  Independent Study  Fischer, Edward
 LAS 5851  Independent Study  Kostiw, Nicolette M.
 LAS 7999  Master’s Thesis Research  Kostiw, Nicolette M.
 LAW 8101  International Mergers and Acquisitions Short Course  Aldrich, Richard/Mussnich, Francisco/Schnell, Paul
 PUBH 5541  Essential Skills in Global Health  Audet, Carolyn
 MUSE 1200/1210/1220  Steel Drum/Pan Ensemble  Britain, Mathew R.
 PSCI 3218  Public Opinion and Democracy in Latin America  Lupu, Noam
 PSCI 8315  Research in Latin American Politics  Hiskey, Jonathan
PORT 1103 Intensive Elementary Portuguese STAFF
 PORT 1111  First Year Writing Seminar: Brazilian Cinema  Legg, Benjamin
 PORT 2203/5203  Intermediate Portuguese  Legg, Benjamin
 PORT 4350/5350  Brazilian Culture Through Native Material  Legg, Benjamin
 PORT 4425/5525  Modern Brazilian Literature  Fitz, Earl E.
 PORT 7071  Spanish American and Brazilian Literature II  Fitz, Earl E.
 PORT 8200  Studies in Colonial Literature- Comparative Colonialism  Cardenas Bunsen, Jose
 PORT 9520  Studies in Contemporary Literature of the Portuguese-Speaking World- Contemporary Brazilian Science Fiction  Oliveira-Monte, Emanuelle
 PORT 9670  Special Studies in Brazilian Literature  Oliveira-Monte, Emanuelle
 SPAN 3301W  Intermediate Spanish Writing  STAFF
 SPAN 3302  Spanish For Oral Communication Through Cultural Topics  STAFF
 SPAN 3303  Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Literature  Gardner, Victoria/ Burrus, Victoria/ Pintane, Maria/ Castillo, Anna
 SPAN 3340  Advanced Conversation  Delassus, Sarah S. -or- Pintane, Maria P.
 SPAN 3345  Spanish for Business and Economics  Catanzaro, Lorraine J.
 SPAN 3355  Advanced Conversation through Cultural Issues in Film  Olazagasti-Segovia, Elena
 SPAN 3830  Spanish for the Medical Profession  Catanzaro, Lorraine J.
 SPAN 3892  Afro Hispanic Languages and Linguistics  Wasick, Cynthia
 SPAN 3893  Mexican Literature of the 19th & 20th Century  Karageorgou Bastea, Christina
 SPAN 4425/5425  Spanish American Literature from 1900 to the Present  Hill, Ruth
SPAN 4720 Literary Genres and National Identities in Latin America Hill, Ruth
 SPAN 4740  Spanish-American Literature of the Boom Era  Falconi, Heraldo C.
 SPAN 4741/4751  Spanish-American Literature of the Post-Boom Era  Castillo, Anna
 SPAN 4760 Literature and Medicine Trigo, Benigno L.
 SPAN 7071  Spanish American and Brazilian Literature II  Fitz, Earl E.
 SPAN 8200  Studies in Colonial Literature- Comparative Colonialism  Cardenas Bunsen, Jose
 SPAN 9670  Special Studies in Spanish American Literature  Cardenas Bunsen, Jose A. -or- Trigo, Benigno L.
UNIV 3200 Race, Place, and Power Milazzo, Marzia