Fall 2017 Course Offerings

AADS 2418 Blacks in Latin America Monroe, Alicia
AADS 2356 African Spirits in Exile: Diaspora Religions in the Americas Monroe, Alicia
ANTH 1201/(W) Introduction to Archaeology Demarest, Arthur -or- Eberl, Marcus
ANTH 2105 Race in the Americas Gill, Lesley
ANTH 2109/5109 Food Politics in America Conklin, Beth
ANTH 2231/5231 Ancient Andean Civilizations
Janusek, John
ANTH 3141/6141 Anthropology of Healing MacLeish, Kenneth
ANTH 3162 Material Culture of New World Slavery Orser, Charles
ANTH 3202/6202 The Collapse of Civilizations Demarest, Arthur
ANTH 3241 The Aztecs Fowler, William
ANTH 3900 Theories of Culture and Human Nature Eberl, Marcus
ANTH 4153 Economic Anthropology Fischer, Ted
ANTH 4154/6154 Environmental Anthropology Shenton, Jeffrey
ANTH 4345/8010 Evolutionary Genetics Benn Torres, Jada
ANTH 8010 Special Topics: Political Violence Gill, Lesley
CREO 1101/5101 Elementary Creole I (Duke) STAFF
CREO 2201/5201 Intermediate Creole I (Duke) STAFF
ECON 2220 Latin American Economic Development Vides De Andrade, Ana R.
ECON 4520W Seminar on Globalization Bond, Eric W.
ECON 3600 International Trade Driskill, Robert
ECON 3650/5650 Development Economics Gutierrez, Federico
ECON 7910 Seminar: Research Economic Development Vides De Andrade, Ana R.
ECON 7920 Seminar: Research Economic Development Dustan, Andrew D.
ENGL 2319W World Literature- Modern Saxena, Akshya
ENGL 8440 Idioms of Servility Dayan, Joan
Hist 1370 Colonial Latin America Robinson, William F.
Hist 1378 Social Movements in Latin America, 1780-1912 Castilho, Celso
Hist 2490/5490 Brazilian Civilization Eakin, Marshall
HIST 2570/5570 Caribbean History, 1492-1983 Blackett, Richard
HIST 8610 Atlantic World History, Fifteenth to the Nineteenth Century Landers, Jane
KICH 1101/5101 Elementary K’iche’ I Sattler, Mareike
KICH 2201/5201 Intermediate K’iche’ I Sattler, Mareike
LAS 2101 Introduction to Latin America Kostiw, Nicolette M.
LAS 3851 Independent Study Fischer, Edward F.
LAS 4901/5901 Interdisciplinary Research Methods Kostiw, Nicolette/Covington Paula A.
LAS 5851 Independent Study Kostiw, Nicolette M.
LAS 7999 Master’s Thesis Research Kostiw, Nicolette M.
LAW 7128 Crossing Borders in Law and Literature Barsky, Robert
PUBH 5542 Foundations of Global Health Moon, Troy/Heimburger, Douglas C.
PUBH 5550 Global Health Politics and Policy Martin, Marie/Dyer, Jennifer
MUSE 1200/1210/1220 Steel Drum/Pan Ensemble Britain, Mathew R.
PSCI 2213 Democratization and Political Development
Weghorst, Keith R.
PSCI 3228 International Politics of Latin America Zechmeister, Elizabeth
PORT 1103 Intensive Elementary Portuguese Legg, Benjamin
PORT 1111 First Year Writing Seminar- Brazilian Cinema Legg, Benjamin
PORT 3301/5301 Portuguese Composition and Conversation Legg, Benjamin
PORT 4420/5420 Brazilian Literature Through the Nineteenth Century Fitz, Earl
PORT 9670 Special Studies in Brazilian Literature Fitz, Earl
REL/DIV 6646 Postcolonial Criticism Segovia, Fernando
SPAN 3301W Intermediate Spanish Writing STAFF
SPAN 3302 Spanish For Oral Communication Through Cultural Topics STAFF
SPAN 3303 Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Literature STAFF                                    Pintane, Maria P.                   Burrus, Victoria
Gardner, Victoria
SPAN 3340 Advanced Conversation Delassus, Sarah S. -or- Falconi, Heraldo
SPAN 3345 Spanish for Business and Economics Catanzaro, Lorraine J.
SPAN 3893/5893 Special Topics in Hispanic Literature: Celeb & Play LatAm Lit Cardenas Bunsen, Jose A.
SPAN 3893 Reading Green: Engaging the Environment in Spanish American Literature Helmuth, Chalene
SPAN 4420/5420 Spanish American Literature from the Conquest to 1900 Cardenas Bunsen, Jose A.
SPAN 4425/5425 Spanish American Literature from 1900 to the present STAFF
SPAN 4730/5730 Modern Latin American Poetry Fitz, Earl
SPAN 4740 Spanish American Literature of the Boom Era Helmuth, Chalene
SPAN 9250 Self-Writing in Latin America Trigo, Benigno
SPAN 9520 Special Topics in Spanish American Literature: From Baroque to Neo-Baroque Hill, Ruth
SPAN 9670 Special Studies in Spanish American Literature Trigo, Benigno