Spring 2024

Extranjera by Taylor De La Peña
At the End of That Tight-Tight Chain by Barney Haney

Fall 2023

Litany for a Vacant Highway by Lana Haffar

Spring 2023

The Piano Lesson by Megan Morrison
Borrowed by Megan Ritchie
Milk Teeth by Meghan Louise Wagner

Winter 2022

Pine Barrens by Mario Giannone
Wolf Troubles by Nina Schyuler

Summer 2022

By the Way, This Isn’t What I Look Like by Cassie Fancher
Missile Test by Jeff Frawley

Spring 2022

The Hole by Yume Kitasei

Winter 2021

Oar Bones by Chris Kuriata
The Shape of Our Marriage by Katie McIvor

Summer 2021

Nine Eyes by Aisha Bhoori
High Tide by Megan Callahan

Spring 2021

Dead Horse by Kaylie Saidin
Revelations of a Midnight Plume by Monica Brashears

Winter 2020

Turkey Creek Road by Corey Elizabeth Campbell
Mouse by Nikki Ervice

Summer 2020

Islanders by Alida Dean
Blue by Megan Howell
$1,457,980,228.11 by Paul Riker
Experiments with Living Subjects by Michelle Ross


Yeti Hunting on Mt. Seymour by Sophie Crocker
Does Your Tattoo Mean Something? by Deirdre Danklin
Creek Drunk by Kelsey Down


Frito Pie by M.S. Coe
The Frog by Ian Denning


Return To by Corey Cummings
Basement Living by Quinn Mason
Kissing in the Dark by Jackie Reitzes

Spring 2019

A Lifelike Pose by Ben Powell
Fever Creek by Melanie Ritzenthaler

Winter 2018

A Woman Like Maasi by Aisha Bhoori
Meals for Mourners /兄弟 by Kristin Chang


The Funny Thing by Michelle Ross
The Aquarium by Walker Rutter-Bowman
Mantras from the Southern Front by Asha Thanki


Linda’s Cat by Ben Goldstein


From Proof To Copy by Christy Hutchcraft
Fantasy World Has Fallen Into Disrepair by Alexandra Tanner

Summer 2017

They Kept Riding by Susan Frith
And Lower To Them The Wing Of Humility by Noor Naga
The Stray by Joanna Pearson

Spring 2017

Russian Verbs of Motion by Jeremy Packert Burke
The Floor is Lava by Paul Crenshaw
Lacquered Claws by Toni Judnitch
Art Show by Su-Yee Lin

Winter 2016

Four Self-Portraits of the Mapmaker by Liz Breazeale
The First Part of Knowing by Kate Lister Campbell
Angry Signatures by Ursula Villarreal-Moura

Summer 2016

Badlands by Garrett Biggs
Higher Ground by Ashley Davidson
Some of the Lies I Tell My Children by Ruth Joffre

Spring 2016

Stitches by Naomi Shihab Nye
Desert Ghosts by Jackie Yang
Paper Plane by Fikret Pajalic

Winter 2015

Creatures on The Fifth Day of Creation by T.S. Dillon
Pearl Pearl Pearl, Don’t Give Your Love to Earl. by Joanna Howard

Summer 2015

Descending a Staircase by Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi
Twenty-Two Turntables and the Devil’s Still Home by Jason Arias
Plagues by Rebekah Bergman

Spring 2015

Everything Hits at Once by Lucas Church
Roll Varmints Roll by Sasha Fletcher

Fall 2014

Yodeling for Life by Gregory Wolos
Syndication by Allegra Hyde

Summer 2014

The Lady in the Song by Sylvia Watanabe
Edie Sedgwick by Jonathan Durbin

Spring 2014

Dump Week by Alex McElroy
Dog Years by Edward Helfers

Fall 2013

No Doorbell by Jesse Goolsby
Panhandling by Tyler McAndrew
Johnny and July by Molly Bridgeforth

Summer 2013

Mating Habits of the California Land Snail by Kilby Allen
The Warbler’s Necropsy by Joel Hans
Landscape by Randolph Schmidt

Spring 2013

Woodley Park by Sarah Mollie Silberman
A Savior, Belief, Tupac, and Balloons by Venita Blackburn

Fall 2012

What I Saw in Room 319 by Sylvan Allen
In the Lava Tubes by Ashley Rose Davidson

Summer 2012

The Eye by Mike Meginnis
Phosphorescence by Amanda Fields
The Stars in Illinois by Dallas Woodburn

Spring 2012

Triage by Nickolas Butler
The Astronomer by Allyson Goldin Loomis

Fall 2011

The Eagle Has Conjured Itself into a Dry Leaf Floating in the Wind by Rick Pechous
A Bomb, an Egg, and Anne Bradstreet’s Lover by Katie Williams

Summer 2011

The Cracks In The Sidewalk by Ben Loory
Aaron Englund, July 1970 by Lori Ostlund
Reptile House by Robin McLean

Spring 2011

The Right Feel by Kenneth Calhoun
The Lumberjack and the Sheep by Chris Smith

Fall 2010

Wedding Night by Rebecca Makkai
The Collision Therapist by Paul Robert Chesser
The Criminal Mastermind is Confined and Minotaur by Peter Ho Davies

Summer 2010

Twelve Steps by Tasha Matsumoto
THE FIGURESThe Latest Standings, and Ghost Story by J. David Stevens

Spring 2010

The Margins of Tolerance by Eric Sasson
The Halloween They All Dressed As Darth Vader by John Minichillo
Lord God Bird by Pamela Main
Gastarbeiter by Peter Jurmu