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French Honors Program

Candidates for Honors in French who meet college requirements must maintain a 3.5 grade-point average in all French courses and complete 36 hours in French, including the requirements for the 30-hour major. They must complete a minimum of one semester of study at an approved program in a French-speaking country. During the senior year, candidates must complete one 7000-level course, which can be counted as part of the major. (French 7010 and 6030 may not be taken as part of the Honors Program.

A senior thesis is required. During the second semester of the junior year, candidates submit an application to the departmental Honors Committee, indicating the topic of the thesis and the approval of their thesis advisor. During the senior year the student is required to register for French 4998 and 4999 in order to complete the thesis. An oral examination on the thesis and its area is to be completed during the final semester of undergraduate study.

Those interested in this program should see the Director of Undergraduate Studies in French to discuss the requirements and the ways the program can meet their needs.

Please use the form below to apply for the Honors program in French:

French Honors Application