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Italian Studies

Major in Italian European Studies

The joint major in Italian and European Studies acknowledges the cultural, political and strategic importance of Italy within the community of European nations. It requires 42 hours of course work, and a semester of study abroad in Italy is recommended. Prospective majors should consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Italian and with the Director or Associate Director of the Max Kade Center for European and German Studies.


Minor in Italian & Italian Studies

Students who minor in Italian Studies are expected to achieve intermediate proficiency in oral and written Italian, to demonstrate a general understanding of the history of Italian literatures and cultures, and to develop an awareness of the ways Italian studies intersect with other disciplines. All minors are expected to consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies about their choice of courses. Students are encouraged to participate in the Vanderbilt in Italy program.


If you are interested in a minor in Italian or Italian Studies contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Filosa by e-mail at


Current Semester Italian Courses


If you have completed (or are currently completing) ITA 1102 or ITA 1103, you should continue with ITA 2203. If you have completed ITA 2203, to continue with classes taught in Italian you should enroll in ITA 2614 (Conversation) or ITA 3702 (Topics in Contemporary Italian Civilization)

Students at any level who are interested in pursuing a Minor in Italian Studies, or in learning more about Italian culture, can enroll in ITA 3641, Contemporary Italian Cinema, offered in English (no language prerequisite): All Fall upper-level courses count towards the Minor in Italian Studies and/or the Major in Italian and European Studies. Please check what AXLE requirement these courses fulfill.

Italian 1101: Elementary Italian

MWF @ 9.10-10.00, Elena Sergio
MWF @ 10.20-11.10, Elena Sergio
MWF @ 11.30-12.20.00, Elsa Filosa
MWF @ 12.40-1.30, Elsa Filosa

Italian 1101 is the Italian from beginners, and we start from scratch.  This course introduces students to vocabulary and grammatical structures while strengthening students’ skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  The incorporation of cultural elements, realia, and exposure to the film, art, and literature of Italy will help students gain a well-rounded appreciation of the Italian language and culture.
NO Prerequisite: [3]
No Axle credit

Italian 2203: Intermediate Italian

MWF @ 1:50p – 2:40p, Andrea Mirabile 

Life and art in the regions of Italy through an integrated four-skills approach of reading, writing, listening and speaking. No credit for students who have earned credit for a more advanced Italian language course.
Prerequisite: 1102 or 1103. [3]
AXLE: Foreign language proficiency
AXLE: International Cultures
Eligible for European Studies

Italian 2614: Conversation

TTh @ 12:45p – 12:00p, William Franke

Development of oral proficiency through analysis and discussion of films, magazine articles, and contemporary art and literature.
Prerequisite: 2203. [3]
AXLE: Foreign language proficiency
AXLE: International Cultures
Eligible for European Studies

Italian 3641: Contemporary Italian Cinema

MWF @ 3:00p – 3:50a, Andrea Mirabile 

 Contemporary Italian films and their relationship with other art-forms, including painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and literature. Intersections between Italian cinema and Italian society, history, and culture. Italian and Italian-American film-makers’ influence on American cinema.
No prerequisite. [3]
AXLE: Humanities and the Creative Arts
Eligible for European Studies
Taught in English

 Italian 3702: Topics in Contemporary Italian Civilization

MWF @ 10:20p-11:10p, Elsa Filosa 

20th– and 21st-century Italian history and culture as reflected in pop, folk, and rock music. Close reading of the lyrics of several songs will improve both listening skills and general understanding of the social varieties of the Italian language, local dialects, and the peculiarities of the regions and cities of the Peninsula.
Prerequisite: ITA 2501W or instructor approval [3]
AXLE: Foreign Language Proficiency
Eligible for European Studies