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The Department of French and Italian expresses its sympathy and solidarity with the victims of hurricane Matthew in southwest Haiti.  Access to the affected areas has been impeded by the destruction, but so far we know the death toll in Haiti has surpassed 800 and is likely to rise. Many parts of Les Cayes commune and the historic town of Jérémie have been almost completely flattened.  We hope that many in our community will find ways to reach out to help the survivors of this latest tragedy among our neighbors.

For more information about the situation in Haiti, contact Paul B. Miller or Nathan H. Dize.


Welcome to the Department of French & Italian. We offer a lively program of study that reflects the University’s commitment to excellence in interdisciplinary research and teaching at all levels. Our diverse faculty includes scholars whose work explores the intersections of race, gender, law, and religion.

More than 300 students study French and Italian at Vanderbilt every semester. Many choose to begin their language here, while others build on what they have learned in high school.  Using internet technology and interactive materials, students at all levels study language, history, civilization, film, business, and literature.

Many students choose to study at Vanderbilt in France in Aix-en-Provence, or in Italy at the program in Sienna or in Florence.