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Italian Studies Minor

Minor in Italian Studies

Students who minor in Italian Studies are expected to achieve intermediate proficiency in oral and written Italian, to demonstrate a general understanding of the history of Italian literatures and cultures, and to develop an awareness of the ways Italian studies intersect with other disciplines. All minors are expected to consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies about their choice of courses. Students are encouraged to participate in the Vanderbilt in Italy program.


REQUIRED COURSES (6 credit hours)

___ ITA 2203 Intermediate Italian (Prerequisite  ITA1102; ITA1103; or equivalent)
___ ITA 2501W  Grammar and Composition (Prerequisite ITA 2203 or equivalent)  OR  ITA 2614   Conversation (Prerequisite ITA 2203 or equivalent).



___ ITA 2501W Grammar and Composition (If not used as a required course)
___ ITA 2614     Conversation  (If not used as a required course)
___ ITA 3000     Introduction to Italian Literature
___ ITA 3041     Italian Civilization
___ ITA 3100     Literature from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
___ ITA 3240     Dante’s Divine Comedy
___ ITA 3242     Dante’ in Historical Context
___ ITA 3340     Boccaccio’s Famous Women
___ ITA 3500     Baroque, Illuminismo, and Romanticism in Italy
___ ITA 3600     Twentieth-Century Literature: Beauty and Chaos
___ ITA 3640     Classic Italian Cinema
___ ITA 3641     Contemporary Italian Cinema
___ ITA 3642     Visual Culture
___ ITA 3701     City Fictions
___ ITA 3702     Topics in Contemporary Italian Civilization
___ ITA 3703     The Cultural and Linguistic Worlds of Italy
___ ITA 3704     Made-in-Italy: Italianness in Italy and Abroad
___ ITA 3740     Gangsters, lovers, madonnas, and mistresses
___ ITA 3802     Contemporary Italian Society and Culture
___ ITA 3850    Independent Study
___ ITA 3890    Special Topics in Italian Literature

Students may choose ONE course from the list below. (3 credit hours)

Only 3 of these elective credit hours may be selected from courses in subject areas other than Italian, such as Classical Studies, History, History of Art, Music Literature and History.

 ___ CLAS 1130           Greek Myths
___ CLAS 2150           History of Roman Republic
___ CLAS 2160           History of the Roman Empire
___ HIST 2220            Medieval and Renaissance Italy, 1000-1700
___ HART 2310          Italian Art to 1500
___ HART 3332          Raphael and the Renaissance
___ HART 3320         Early Renaissance Florence
___ HART 3320W       Early Renaissance Florence
___ HART 2310          Italian Art to 1500
___ HART 2330          Italian Renaissance Art after 1500
___ HART 3334           Michelangelo’s Life and Works
___ HART 3334W       Michelangelo’s Life and Works
___ LAT 3110             Catullus
___ LAT 3160             Ovid
___ LAT 3100            Roman Comedy
___ LAT 3130            Vergil : The Aeneid
___ LAT 3120            Lucretius : De rerum natura
___ MUSL 3220          Opera in the 17th and 18th Centuries
___ MUSL 3221          Opera in the 19th Century
___ MUS 2243            Music of the Baroque and Classic Eras
___ MUS 2244            Music of the Romantic and Modern Eras

Other Italy-related courses not listed here—such as those in study abroad programs—may be approved towards the minor upon approval by the director of the Italian program. Students are encouraged to attend Vanderbilt in Italy