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Welcome to the Department of French & Italian at Vanderbilt University, where intellectual curiosity meets cultural exploration in an invigorating academic setting. Rooted in the University’s commitment to interdisciplinary excellence, our programs offer a rich tapestry of insights that intersect with race, gender, law, and religion, guided by a faculty of distinguished scholars.

Engage with a community of over 300 like-minded learners each semester as you delve into an all-encompassing curriculum. Whether you’re taking your first steps into a new language or expanding upon a strong foundational knowledge acquired in high school, our innovative approach leverages cutting-edge technology and interactive resources to immerse you in a multi-faceted exploration of language, history, civilization, film, business, and literature.

Seize the opportunity to transcend classroom learning through our study abroad experiences. Immerse yourself in the rich landscapes and vibrant cultures of France, Siena, or Florence, deepening your linguistic skills and broadening your global perspective.

Join us in crafting your global narrative. The world is your classroom. Welcome to the Vanderbilt University Department of French & Italian.