A poem by Enrique Sacerio-Garí translated from the Spanish by Suzanne Jill Levine.

That’s it
Donald Duck has returned
with Benetton show windows
and a tablecloth spread,
a rainbow of desserts:
shredded coconut,
guava shells
oranges and grapefruits
all perfectly peeled
custards and sweet
fritters and donuts
and those senorita pastries
with their napoleons
papayas, mameyes,
hicaco berries
bleeding gushing sweetness.
In the Keys
families, their skin torn
by the mangroves where
they wait hiding
in their tiny square boats
in town the lion from the zoo
had even been eaten and
no one worries anymore

Enrique Sacerio-Garí & Suzanne Jill Levine