On My Own
The Smart Brothers

DeColo: What first got you interested in working with music?

Lou Smart: Our Mom, she is a great lady.  She would always sing to us and encourage us even when we played crappy music.  She taught us both to play the piano when we were young and told us that fear was for pussies.  Also being raised in the Pentecostal church.  Six-hour sermons, yelling, passing out, dancing—basically everything that happens at our show, only we don’t tell people they’re going to hell.

DeColo: What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music?

Jay Smart: Probably studying science or law.  I’ve always loved learning.

Lou Smart: Professional surfing, which my brother actually had to convince me to drop to go on tour with him.  I don’t regret it now, but I miss the ocean whenever I’m not by it.

DeColo: You’ve developed a reputation for having particularly memorable live performances.  Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Lou Smart: Wild Turkey for me.  Jameson for Jay.  Then we slap each other, call the other a pussy, then if it doesn’t break into a brawl we hug and say we love each other. Then we hit the stage. 

DeColo: Who do you see as The Smart Brothers’ influences?

The Smart Brothers: Queen, Ramones, Clash, Elvis, Everly Bros, CCR, Beach Boys, Van Morrison, The Band, Pachelbel, Handel, hymns, Christmas songs.