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Faculty FAQs

Please visit the Faculty Resources page for detailed information about policies, procedures, and forms. You can also visit the Faculty COVID FAQ page for information specific to teaching during the 2020-21 academic year.

Department Operations

Most departments have an administrative assistant with access to PeopleSoft Campus, the basis of our student records and registration system. A department admin with this access can:

  • Add a student to a closed course over the stated course capacity (with the instructor’s permission)
  • Add a student to a class by overriding a prerequisite or co-requisite (usually as permitted by the DUS)
  • Register a student for independent study hours
  • Drop a student from a class or from a waitlist
  • Pull and view class rosters, including class waitlists
  • Change a student position number on a waitlist

The A&S Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE) can assist in registration functions governing time conflicts, audits, overloads, and courses taken on a pass/fail basis. Here is a rough breakdown of OUE’s areas of responsibility: 

Student Academics and Grading

A: View the process students must follow to audit a class.

A: View the process students must follow to enroll in a class Pass/Fail.

A: Incompletes are allowed when the student has completed a significant body of work (usually, at least 50%) and is passing the course. When you submit the temporary grade, indicate the date by which the missing work must be submitted and the grade the student will receive if they do not submit the missing work by that deadline. Note: this grade represents the grade the student would receive if given a zero for the missing work; it is not the grade the student was making at the time the temporary grade was issued.

If a student is going to fail the course, they need to receive a failing grade.

Note that YES does not automatically submit default grades when the deadline passes. You must log back into the roster in Online Grading and submit the grade.

IP is only appropriate for the first semester of a two-semester Honors sequence.

It is imperative that you submit your final grades by the deadline so that accurate probation screenings for students can be conducted. Students with missing grades must be classified “Review Required” and another round of screening must be undertaken to determine their academic standing.

The Faculty YES User Guides include instructions on entering final grades, submitting grade changes, and general guides for the Online Grading Platform.