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Overload / Underload

Normal Course Load

Each semester, regular tuition is charged on the basis of a normal course load of 12 to 18 semester hours. No more than 18 or fewer than 12 hours may be taken in any one semester without authorization of the Administrative Committee or an advising dean. (There is an extra charge for more than 18 hours at the current hourly rate.) Students who enroll in fewer than 12 hours are placed on probation, unless the light load is necessary because of outside employment or illness. During the summer session, there is no minimum course load. Summer loads exceeding 14 hours must be authorized by an advising dean.


Students who wish to register for more than 18 hours first must get the permission of an advising dean. Additional tuition will be charged at the hourly rate for hours above 18.

  • Graduating seniors in their final semester may get permission to register for fewer than 12 hours. Such students must meet with one of the advising deans in order to get permission for an underload.
  • Unless an exception has been made by an advising dean or the Administrative Committee, students not in their final semester cannot be registered for fewer than 12 hours without incurring probation.
  • Requests for medical underload and medical documentation should be submitted to the OSCC by the deadline. See the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for the exact date and time.
Request Process

To request a course overload or underload, please email to access the request form. Please note that requests must be reviewed by the Office of Undergraduate Education. You must submit your request prior to the last day of Open Enrollment. View the university’s academic calendar .