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Faculty Grants and Fellowships

Dean’s Faculty Fellows

The Dean’s Faculty Fellows Program, launched in 2018, invests in untenured faculty across the College of Arts & Science to support their research, scholarship, and creative expression during their probationary period. 

Dean’s Faculty Fellows (DFFs) will hold the title for two years and receive $15,000 yearly to support their work. Funds will not carry over from year to year. Funds may be used for research activities, subject to the A&S policy for research funds, and also for one course buyout per year of the fellowship. A course buyout will be charged at the rate of $10,000 for the purposes of this program. If the fellowship coincides with a semester of earned leave, fellows are strongly encouraged to use their two course buyouts in a single year to provide an additional semester of paid leave and create a full year of paid leave. Faculty members may not be nominated during their tenure year, as only assistant professors are eligible to hold a DFF title. If promoted to associate professor during the appointment period, the term will continue but not be renewable.

Department Chairs and/or deans will nominate candidates. Faculty members may not nominate themselves or participate in the nomination. The call for nominations will be issued each fall from the Dean’s Office.

The nomination process for the 2020-2022 cohort will be announced in the fall of 2020. Please stay tuned for details.

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Chancellor’s Faculty Fellows

Chancellor’s Faculty Fellows is a Provost’s Office initiative that supports faculty who have recently received tenureRead more about the program and how to apply.

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 Immersion Scholar Grants

This new program is designed to support innovative Immersion experiences for undergraduates that are developed by A&S faculty members.  Funds can be used to offset expenses for developing and implementing the experience, and for student participation in it.

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