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Publication Subvention Grants

The College of Arts & Science has created a small dedicated funding stream for grants to support publication subvention and/or specific costs associated with publication permissions. The grants should not be the funding source of first resort for subvention and/or permissions costs; faculty applying for funds will be required to pursue other sources of funding. A&S subvention grants will not exceed $2,000.


Eligible faculty include tenured and tenure-track faculty for whom research, scholarship, and/or creative activity are included as one of their primary job responsibilities. Faculty members are not eligible for multiple subvention grants in a 3-year period.

Subvention requests

Subvention requests must be submitted to A&S before the final manuscript goes to press.

Subventions will be considered for costs associated with the publication or production of:

  • Scholarly books
  • Art catalogues and collections for which the applicant is the artist or senior editor
  • Non-print media such as electronic books or the production of a film/video
  • Literary works such as a collection of poems, a play, or a screen play

 Routine author activities, such as indexing, or page and reprint costs of articles in professional journals, are not covered. If the book is not published, the author is expected to return the subvention grant to A&S.

Cost sharing requirement

Faculty members should make every effort to obtain funds for subvention and/or permissions costs from a variety of sources before approaching the A&S Dean’s Office. Potential sources include:

  • The faculty member’s research fund
  • The faculty member’s department’s unrestricted gift fund
  • Faculty Development Grants under the university Research Scholar Grants program
  • Grants available through the press for the project

Some of these potential sources of funding work on established deadlines, thus faculty members who know that they will require subvention and/or permissions costs funding should explore these options as soon as they learn of their needs for subvention and/or permissions funding. 

Application process for A&S subvention grants:

Eligible faculty may apply for subvention/permissions funds through REDCap:

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Approved subvention expenses will be reimbursed to the faculty member, who will be required to submit an invoice or receipt.

Questions should be direct to Bonnie Dow.