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Social Studies

Social Studies

Lesson Plans

PDF Corridos and Al Otro Lado Curriculum Guide
Booklet Day of the Dead Booklet
DOC Establishing Criteria for Film Review and Analysis
DOC Exploring Brazil: A Window into the Language and Culture
PDF Letter Writing Lesson - Central Station (Brazil)
Booklet Maestra Film Guide for Educators
Collection Menino 23
PDF Mexico Road Rally (Activity)
PDF Natural Dyes Lesson plan - Middle or High School
PDF Passport to the Dominican Republic
DOC The Human Face of War - Innocent Voices
Booklet They Are We: Educator Guide
PDF Transportation in the Dominican Republic
PDF Under the Same Moon Film Lesson Guide
PDF Wasteland - Recycling and You
PDF Webquest - Dominican Republic

CLAS Lending Library Resources

DVD Qué tan lejos Film (Ecuador)

CLAS Workshop Presentations

DOC Qué tan lejos Discussion for Educators