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Webquest - Dominican Republic

1. Where is the Dominican Republic?  

2. What is the capital city?

3. Who were the Taínos?  

4. Label this map of the Dominican Republic. Include: Santo Domingo, Santiago, Puerto Plata, the Caribbean Sea and at least 3 other cities.

5. Describe the climate in the Dominican Republic.

6. What is the currency in the Dominican Republic?

7. Write the percentages of mixed people, black people and white people in the Dominican Republic.

8. What is the dominant religion in the Dominican Republic?

9. What type of music is very popular in the Dominican Republic?

10. What is the most popular sport?

11. List 10 famous Dominicans and tell what they are famous for.

***Choose the topic that interests you the most. Prepare a visual that represents that topic (collage, PowerPoint, poster, drawings, photographs, etc.). You will present your visual in class and explain why it interests you.


Katrina King


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5–8, 9–12


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