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Under the Same Moon Film Lesson Guide

 It provides teachers with a basic framework for incorporating film Under the Same Moon into the classroom. Students will research immigration reform, watch the film Under the Same Moon, have an oral debate, and write a persuasive essay to facilitate their cultural understanding of immigration and immigration reform.

Subject Area: Spanish, Social Studies

Grade Level: 9-12


Presentational writing
 I can write a brief summary about the plot of a movie.
 I can present reasons for or against a position on a political social issue.
 I can present in detail the plot, setting, and characters of a film.
 I can understand postings in blogs on familiar topics.
 I can post an entry to a blog or a discussion forum.
Intercultural competence
 I can understand the main idea of a movie
Presentational writing
 I can write a position paper on an issue I have researched that’s related to my field of study.
 I can discuss current issues such as immigration.


Doris Poole


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