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Passport to the Dominican Republic

Information Sheet included

Objective: Students will have an understanding of the history and culture of the Dominican Republic. Students will create a passport booklet containing the following information:

Cover Title: Passport to the Dominican Republic (Decorate the Cover)

  • 1. Passport - complete and color
  • 2. Color and label map of the Dominican Republic
  • 3. Background information
  • 4. To what city/cities will you travel?
  • 5. When will you leave?
  • 6. How long will you stay?
  • 7. Who will go with you?
  • 8. How will you travel?
  • 9. Describe 5 famous places.
  • 10. Give brief background information on: sports figure, entertainer/author, political figures, well-known Dominican living in the US
  • 11. Name and describe two native dishes
  • 12. What type of music will you hear?
  • 13. NAme two items exported to other countries


Detoria Smith


Lesson Plans

Grade Levels

5–8, 9–12