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Establishing Criteria for Film Review and Analysis

Goals of the activity include:

  • to establish personal criteria for favorite films; 
  • to gain understanding of why certain films are considered “great” (Academy Award winners; “all time” greats, etc.); 
  • to treat film as serious art form that benefits from evaluation based on specific standards and values; 
  • to expand personal criteria to encompass more variety of films and to supply more reasons to enjoy favorite films.


PART ONE: Create a list of at least THREE specific criteria that, for you, make a “favorite” or a “great” film.  Try to be as specific and detailed as possible.  For instance, if you think that a great film must have a strong plot, clearly explain what makes a plot “strong” and why that is important for you.  In addition, please provide an example or two of films that successfully meet each of the criteria that you establish. 

PART TWO: Read through the criteria of other people in your group.  Respond to at least one other post that you think has interesting criteria and explain why it caught your attention.  You can also raise questions in your response, but of course maintain a civil tone! 


Dr. Ted Hovet


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9–12, College