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Passport to South America - Film Activity

Lesson guide and accompanying powerpoint activity. Passport activity can easily be incorporated to fit many films relating to the region.

Goal: The viewer will find a character,place or event in the film that relates to his/her personal life.


  • Cooperate with the host site to give ample advance publicity
  • Reproduce the flyer and post in strategic places as desired
  • Use social media


  • Prepare the projection equipment & cue the disc
  • Gather available library materials and display
  • Display cultural items and artifacts separately
  • Display a map of South America to help orient attendees to the location of the country in relationship to the USA
  • Have the power point presentation ready 

INTRODUCING THE FILM: Welcome your audience using the outline in the slide show.  Begin with a brief summary of the film and the statement of the goal.  Show where in Latin America the action evolves. Then ask the participants to take a few minutes to answer the following questions:

1.  Write down three cities you like to visit in this country. Why?

2.  Write down a library book or audio selection you might check out after the movie.

3.  Draw an image that comes to mind that would symbolize this place to you.

Remind them that there are similarities and differences among cultures, but you expect them to find something they can identify with.

Then show the film.  Stop at strategic spots if desired or have an INTERMISSION if needed.

FOLLOW-UP: Ask participants to turn to the back of the “Passport” Handout & guide through the following:

Write down the name of a character, place or event that you can related to. 
Write three words that come to mind regarding your choice. 
Jot down 1-2 sentences about how did your choice relates to you.


Claudia Finnegan


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