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Wasteland - Recycling and You

This unit is to be used with the current AP Spanish Language & Culture themes – Global Challenges with emphasis in environmental issues, specifically recycling. Excellent lesson plan for teaching about the impact of trash on the environment.
  • Students go through their kitchen garbage and make list of all the items found.
  • Students decide if they could recycle some of the items and why they did not.
  • What kind of trash they have and what does it say about them – consumer habits. 
  • Students lead discussions on cultural comparisons on how waste is handled in Latin American countries

Essential Questions: 

  • What impact do human activities have on the environment?
  • How does trash affect humans and the environment?
  • How do you promote caring for the environment? 
  • Where does our trash go? – read USA articles vs Latin American country
  • Where are our landfills? – who works in this landfills? – same as above
  • Why is recycling emphasized in some cities more than others? – compare with Latin American country


Andrea Beebe López, Angela Curtis, Rob Herring


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