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Scholars in Residence

By providing both a technological and a social environment for language learners and educators, the Vanderbilt Center for Languages encourages interdisciplinary cooperation, critical thinking, open-mindedness, and meaningful and intellectually stimulating interactions. 

The VCL offers a welcoming and dynamic environment that brings together and language communities from across Vanderbilt. We promote the exchange of ideas and expertise among colleagues from all departments, programs, and centers in order to foster proficiencies in world languages and develop cultural awareness among students and faculty.

The Scholars in Residence initiative supports those objectives, offering professional development, technology training, collaborative scholarship opportunities, and design of innovative language-centered events in tandem with Vanderbilt students.

If you are interested in becoming a VCL Scholar in Residence, please contact Director Chalene Helmuth.

Past Scholars in Residence

  • Patrick Murphy, 2020-2022, Principal Senior Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Oliver Knabe, 2017-2018, Assistant Professor in German, University of Dayton
  • Jessica Greenfield, 2016-2017, Medical Education Program Evaluation, University of Virginia
  • Carolina Palacios, 2015-2016, Principal Senior Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Per Urlaub, 2014-2015, Director of Global Languages, MIT
  • Susan Barone, 2012-2013, Director, English Language Center