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VCL Scholars

The Vanderbilt Center for Languages offers a welcoming and dynamic environment that brings together language communities from across Vanderbilt. We promote the exchange of ideas and expertise among colleagues from all departments, programs, and centers in order to foster proficiencies in world languages and develop cultural awareness among students and faculty.

The VCL Scholars initiative supports these objectives, offering professional development, collaborative scholarship opportunities, and design of innovative language-centered events in tandem with Vanderbilt students.

For any questions please contact Director Chalene Helmuth.

Spring 2024 VCL Scholars

Pengfei Li
Xianmin Liu
Anna Marra
Asami Nakano
Maria Paz Pintane
Claire Scott
Hideko Shimizu






The VCL Scholars serve as an integral part of the Vanderbilt Center for Languages’ mission of fostering interdisciplinary work to support the teaching and learning of languages at Vanderbilt University.  The 2024 theme of the VCL Scholars, Intercultural Competencies, prompted submissions from a wide variety of languages and programs.

  • Virtual exchange program models (German and Spanish)
  • Heritage speaker course development (Chinese)
  • Immersion within area language community (Japanese)
  • Mindfulness in language education (Italian)
  • Intercultural development for non-language students (Japanese and Chinese)

Their projects will no doubt help build a community of scholarship and practice around the theme of developing intercultural competence.  Congratulations!

Awardees will present the results of their work in a public forum hosted by the Vanderbilt Center for Languages later this Spring.

Past VCL Scholars

  • Patrick Murphy, 2020-2022, Principal Senior Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Oliver Knabe, 2017-2018, Assistant Professor in German, University of Dayton
  • Jessica Greenfield, 2016-2017, Medical Education Program Evaluation, University of Virginia
  • Carolina Palacios, 2015-2016, Principal Senior Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Per Urlaub, 2014-2015, Director of Global Languages, MIT
  • Susan Barone, 2012-2013, Director, English Language Center