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Career Outcomes

Your Success Story Is Waiting. The Vanderbilt Center for Languages advances students’ preparation for life as global citizens, whether in the U.S. or abroad. Through language study and cultural exploration, students benefit from a more nuanced understanding of the complexities of living in a plural and multilingual society, and graduate prepared to navigate a wide range of careers, including consulting, medicine, international business, and graduate education in many fields.

Language Careers

The ability to express yourself well in more than one language provides an edge in professional contexts.  Studying a language always conveys your tenacity, discipline, and curiosity to potential employers.  We want to help you find opportunities that value your language skills!

The Vanderbilt Center for Languages partners with the Career Center at Vanderbilt for our language students—from fellowships to internships, both here and abroad, to career fairs and guest lectures. Strengthen your competitive edge for STEM majors with a minor in languages; boost compensation especially in defense and intelligence careers; make your global citizenship evident by learning another language and showcasing your cultural competence.

Each January we host the Foreign Language Edge Job Fair. Keep an eye out on our events page for details and plan to attend.

Alumni Stories