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Public Philosophy

The Vanderbilt Philosophy Department embraces the idea that philosophy has a distinctive role to play beyond the academy, and is thus committed to recognizing the value of publicly engaged philosophy.  In this, the department shares the goals and aspirations of the American Philosophical Association’s recently formed Committee on Public Philosophy.  Vanderbilt faculty are involved in a broad range of public philosophy initiatives, including the following ongoing projects: 

Scott Aikin co-authors (with Robert Talisse) a monthly column about philosophy, politics, and argumentation for the blog 3 Quarks Daily , and is a regular contributor to the informal logic blog, The Non-Sequitur.

Lenn Goodman has taught philosophy courses about Maimonides at his synagogue.

John Lachs has written several philosophy books aimed at a popular audience, and frequently gives lectures aimed at non-academics.

Kelly Oliver writes about the portrayal of women in the news media and in film.

Robert Talisse co-hosts a monthly podcast, New Books in Philosophy, and co-authors (with Scott Aikin) a monthly philosophy column at 3 Quarks Daily.