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Graduate Placement

Recently, Vanderbilt's Philosophy Department has had a much better than average placement record. While there is certainly no guarantee that the future will resemble the past, Vanderbilt has been able to place almost all of its Ph.D.s.

Here is our recent placement record with the year placed, graduate name, dissertation title, primary advisor, and job placement.


Sarah Gorman, "The Role of Waste in Modern Political Philosophy," Vanderbilt University, Lecturer

Elizabeth Lanphier, "Complicit Care: Health Care in Community," Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Postdoc.

Lyn Radke, "A Defense of Angry Blame," Vanderbilt University, Postdoc.

Eric Ritter, "Cavell, Skepticism, and the Ordinary Mind," Vanderbilt University, Postdoc.

Glenn Mac Trujillo, Jr., "No Laughing Matter: Playfulness and a Good Life," University of Louisville, Assistant professor (non tenure-track)


Shannon Fyfe, “Responsibility and the Harm of Mass Sexual Slavery” (May), George Mason University, Assistant Professor (tenure track)

Luke Semrau, “A Defense of Kidney Sales” (Talisse), Georgetown University, Junior Faculty Fellow, McDonough School of Business Institute of the Study of Markets and Ethics

Sandra Skene, “Epistemic Injustice and the Problem of Novelty: Identifying New Tools with Audre Lorde and Hannah Arendt” (Medina), Morgan State University, Lecturer


Amy McKiernan, “Blaming Ourselves and Others” (Talisse), Dickenson College, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Geoffrey Adelsberg, “Traumatic Loss and Responsibility” (Outlaw), Edgewood College, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Alejandro Arango, “Social Enactive Perception: Practices, Experience, and Contents” (Medina), Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship, Tennessee State University

Adam Burgos, "Political Resistance and the Constitution of Equality" (Oliver), Bucknell University, Post-doc

Mary Butterfield, "Deweyan Democracy and Reconciliation in Canada" (Talisse), Research Facilitator, University of British Columbia

Michael Caruso, “Respect for Persons: The Foundational Moral Disposition in Medicine” (Lachs), University of Alabama at Birmingham, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

C. J. Sentell, “Freedom and Food, Slavery and Agriculture” (Outlaw), Leadership Gifts Officer in the Office of Development, Hendrix College


Emily McGill, “Feminism, Liberalism, and Relational Autonomy” (Friedman), Keene State College, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Andrew Forcehimes, “Putting Reasons First: A Defense of Normative Non-Naturalism” (Talisse), Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Andrea Pitts, “Racial Interpellation and Second-personhood: Understanding the Normative Dynamics of Race Talk” (Medina), University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Elizabeth Edenberg, “Political Liberalism and its Feminist Potential” (Friedman), Post-Doc, Fordham University

Jessica Polish, “Sexual Difference in Hegel’s Encyclopedia in its Logical, Natural, and Spiritual Aspects” (Oliver), Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Berea College


Paul Morrow, “Social Norms in the Theory of Mass Atrocity and Transitional Justice” (May), DeOlazarra Fellow, University of Virginia (Post-Doc)

Rebecca Tuvel, “Epistemic Injustice Expanded: A Feminist, Animal Studies Approach” (Oliver), Rhodes College, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Melinda Hall, “Transhumanist Utopias: Rethinking Enhancement and Disability” (Oliver), Stetson College, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Carolyn Cusick, “Speaking, Listening, and Communicative Justice:  Educating Epistemic Trust and Responsibility” (Outlaw), Fresno State University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Alison Suen, “The Kinship of Language: Reworking the Human-animal Divide” (Oliver), Iona College, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Erin Bradfield, “Silence and Silencing: Aesthetic Response as the Impetus for Community Formation” (Horowitz and Medina), Santa Clara University, Lecturer

Natalie Cisneros, “The ‘Illegal Alien’: A Genealogical and Intersectional Approach” (Medina), Seattle University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Joshua Hall, “Figuration: A Philosophy of Dance” (Lachs), Queensborough Community College, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Sarah Tyson, “Models of Engagement: Luce Irigaray, Genevieve Lloyd, Michéle Le Doeuff and the History of Philosophy” (Oliver), University of Colorado at Denver, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Erin Tarver, “Feminist Subjects and Feminist Action: A Pragmatic Post-structuralist Account of Oppression and Resistance” (Oliver), Oxford College of Emory University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Joshua Houston, “A Radical Cosmopolitanism: Sociality, Universality, and Democracy” (Medina), Towson University and University of Baltimore, Adjunct Professor

Michael Harbour, “Freedom as Anti-Domination” (Talisse), J.D., Harvard Law (2013)


Matthew Whitt, “The Paradox of Sovereignty: Authority, Constitution, and Political Boundaries” (Horowitz), Warren Wilson College, Instructor

Sarah Hansen, “Zoe, Bios and the Language of Biopower” (Oliver), Drexel University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Michael Brodrick, “Everyday Spirituality” (Lachs), Arkansas Tech University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Robin Ambrose Ward, “Representing Maternity in Philosophy” (Wood), Service Canada, Program Manager (Values & Ethics Oversight)


Katherine Denise Loevy, “Living Things and the Limit of Ethics: Hegel, Levinas, Butler” (Scott), Pacific University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Scott Zeman, “Placebos of Development:  A Critique of Modern Health Objectivity in Kant, Marx, and Psychoanalysis” (Lachs), University of Colorado at Boulder, Academic Advising Center

Diane Williamson, “Emotional Intelligence and Moral Theory: A Kantian Approach” (Tlumak), Siena College, Instructor (part-time)

Zachary Vanderveen, “Reconstructing Legitimacy” (Stuhr), Citi, Senior Programmer Analyst


Kathleen Eamon, “Subject and Symbol: Practical Reason and Political Knowledge in Kant, Hegel, Marx, and Freud” (Horowitz), Evergreen State College, Associate Professor

Jason Bell, “The Relevance of Royce's Applied Ethics:  Studies in War, Business, and Environmental Ethics” (Lachs), University of New Brunswick, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track).

Toni Petroskey-Nicoletti, “The Experience of Value from the First Person Perspective” (Tlumak), Cleveland State University, Lecturer

Janusz Polanowsk, “The Image of the Self Within Whitehead's Metaphysics” (Lachs), Nashville State Community College, Associate Professor

John Mason Marshall, “Plato's Dialectical Republic: A Defense of Interpretive Skepticism” (Talisse), Pepperdine University, Associate Professor

Stephan Bird-Pollan, “Subjects, Normativity, World” (Horowitz), University of Kentucky, Assistant-Professor (Tenure-Track)

Forrest Perry, “Reconstructing Freedom” (Medina), Saint Xavier College, Associate Professor (Tenure-Track)


Christopher King, “Democracy, Deliberation, and Political Legitimacy” (Talisse), Miami University of Ohio, Visiting Assistant Professor

Joshua Crites, “Liberalism and Multiculturalism: A Philosophical Dilemma” (Talisse), Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine –Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

James Bednar, “Action, Inquiry and Evidence” (Tlumak), Wofford College, Associate Professor

Jason Aleksander, “The Disavowal of Renaissance Philosophical Crises and the Genesis of Modern Philosophy and Science” (Dobbs-Weinstein), Saint Xavier College, Associate Professor