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Graduate Placement


Lisa Madura  “Toward a Theory of Whiteness and Racial Habit,” UCLA, Post-Doctoral Fellow 2023-2025

Emerson Bodde  “A Philosophy of Class for the 21st Century,” Clemson University, Lecturer

Lucy Alsip Vollbrecht  Adversariality, Grandstanding, and Gender in Argument,” Northern Arizona University, Part-Time Faculty; Post-Doctoral Fellow in Philosophy, Washington University in St. Louis Civil Society Initiative


Sarah DiMaggio  “Rediscovering Kin: The Ethical Significance of Kinship with Nature,” Sarah Lawrence College, Two Year Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in Environmental Philosophy

Holly Longair  “Cooperative Systems: Characterizing the Requirements of Relational Egalitarian Justice,” Kwantlen Polytechnic University, British Columbia, Canada, Full Time Regular Instructor 


Tempest Henning  “Argumentative and Epistemic Oppression: A Black Feminist Analysis Toward Argumentative Justice,” American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Emerging Voices Postdoctoral Fellowship, Indiana University Bloomington; Fisk University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Takunda Matose  “What’s the Point of Health Care?” Harvard University, Safra Center for Ethics Postdoc (2021–2022); Loyola University Chicago, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Sebastian Ramirez  “Racism’s Revenge: A Du Boisian Theory of White Supremacist Ideology,” Texas Tech University, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities

Kelly Swope  “Sowing Fresh Seeds on Scorched Earth: G.W.F. Hegel’s Concept of Bildung,” Xavier University, Visiting Professor (2021-2023); Miami University, Visiting Assistant Professor (2023-2024); Thomas More University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Sabeen Ahmed  “Coloniality and the Racial Ontopolitics of Law: Foucault’s Juridical Power Reconsidered,” University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Humanities Research Institute Legal Humanities Cluster; Swarthmore College, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Alyssa Lowery  “Complicating Religion in Public Reason,” Vanderbilt University, Lecturer


Sarah Gorman  “The Role of Waste in Modern Political Philosophy,” Vanderbilt University, Postdoc

Elizabeth Lanphier  “Complicit Care: Health Care in Community,” Vanderbilt University Medical Center Postdoc; University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Assistant Professor of UC Pediatrics and Philosophy (Tenure-Track)

Darla Migan  “ Orienting Authentic Judgements for the Recognition of Personhood: Adrian Piper’s Contributions to Black Aesthetics,” works as art critic and Lecturer at The New School, Parsons School of Design

Lyn Radke  “A Defense of Angry Blame,” Vanderbilt University, Postdoc and Lecturer

Eric Ritter  “Cavell, Skepticism, and the Ordinary Mind,” Vanderbilt University, Postdoc

Glenn Trujilo  “No Laughing Matter: Playfulness and a Good Life,” University of Louisville, Assistant Professor (Term); University of Texas El Paso, Assistant Professor of Instruction


Shannon Fyfe  “Responsibility and the Harm of Mass Sexual Slavery,” George Mason University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Amy McKiernan  “Blaming Ourselves and Others,” Dickinson College, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Geoffrey Adelsberg  “Traumatic Loss and Responsibility,” Edgewood College, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Alejandro Arango  “Social Enactive Perception: Practices, Experience, and Contents,” Tennessee State University, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship; Gonzaga University, Lecturer of Philosophy (Permanent)

Mary Butterfield  “Deweyan Democracy and Reconciliation in Canada,” University of British Columbia, Research Facilitator

Luke Semrau  “In Defense of Kidney Sales,” Georgetown University, Junior Faculty Fellow, Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics; Bloomsburg University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Adam Burgos  “Political Resistance and the Constitution of Equality,” Bucknell University Postdoc; Bucknell University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Elizabeth Edenberg  “Political Liberalism and Its Feminist Potential,” Fordham University Postdoc; Georgetown University, Postdoc; Baruch College CUNY, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Andrew Forcheimes  “Putting Reasons First: A Defense of Normative Non-Naturalism,” Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Emily McGill  “Feminism, Liberalism, and Relational Autonomy,” Keene State College, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Andrea Pitts  “Racial Interpellation and Second-Personhood: Understanding the Normative Dynamics of Race Talk,” University of North Carolina Charlotte, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Garrett Bredeson  University of Colorado Boulder, Teaching Assistant Professor

Paul Morrow  “Social Norms in the Theory of Mass Atrocity and Transitional Justice,” University of Virginia, Postdoc; University of Dayton Ohio, John M. Meagher Human Rights Fellow, Human Rights Center

Jessica Polish  “Sexual Difference in Hegel’s Encyclopaedia in its Logical, Natural, and Spiritual Aspects,” Berea College, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow; Queens College CUNY, Lecturer

Rebecca Tuvel  “Epistemic Injustice Expanded: A Feminist, Animal Studies Approach,” Rhodes College, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Melinda Hall  “Transhumanist Utopias: Rethinking Enhancement and Disability,” Stetson University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Natalie Cisneros  "The ‘Illegal Alien’: A Genealogical and Intersectional Approach,” Seattle University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Carolyn Cusick  “Speaking, Listening, and Communicative Justice: Educating Epistemic Trust and Responsibility,” Fresno State University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Joshua Hall  “Figuration: A Philosophy of Dance,” William Paterson University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Alison Suen  “The Kinship of Language: Reworking the Human-animal Divide,” Iona College, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Erin Tarver  “Feminist Subjects and Feminist Action: A Pragmatic Post-Structuralist Account of Oppression and Resistance,” Oxford College of Emory University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)

Sarah Tyson  “Models of Engagement: Luce Irigaray, Genevieve Lloyd, Michéle Le Doeuff and the History of Philosophy,” University of Colorado at Denver, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


Sarah Hansen  “Zoe, Bios and the Language of Biopower,” Drexel University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track); California State University, Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)