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For the Fall 2020 semester, all colloquia will consist of pre-circulated material and a live Zoom session. All Zoom sessions are scheduled for Fridays at 3:15pm.

The Colloquium Series is made possible by the generous support of the McVean and Berry Funds.

Fall 2020

September 18: Catherine Hundleby (University of Windsor) & Moira Howes (Trent University), "Adversarial Argument, Agency, and Vulnerability", with commentary by  Tempest Henning (Vanderbilt)

October 2: Brandon Hogan (Howard University), "What 'Black Lives Matter' Should Mean", with commentary by Eric MacPhail (Vanderbilt)

October 16: J.M. Berstein (New School for Social Research), "The Responsibility Nexus: Vulnerability, Dependence, and Power", with commentary by Robert Engleman (Vanderbilt)


October 23: Shatema Threadcraft (Dartmouth), "U.S. Necropower as a Body Project"

*Professor Threadcraft will not present her paper in full during the live Zoom session. Instead, you can find a PDF of her paper in full here: U.S. Necropower as a Body Project.

Additionally, Prof. Threadcraft has recommended a supplemental secondary reading, an article of hers in South Atlantic Quarterly, which can be found here: North American Necropolitics and Gender: On #BlackLivesMatter and Black Femicide.

Join our live Zoom session on Friday, October 23rd at 3:15pm by clicking the link here!

November 6: Leonard Harris (Purdue University), "What is Philosophy?"

Spring 2020

February 21: Diana Heney (Vanderbilt University), TBA

March 20: Joel Reynolds (University of Massachusetts Lowell), "The Hard Problem of Disability: On Pain"

April 3:  Katharina Stephens (University of Lethbridge), TBA

April 17: The  Berry Lecture in Public Philosophy, TBA

Fall 2019

September 6: Ronald Sundstrom (University of San Francisco), "The Concept and Harms of Gentrification"

September 13: Paul Taylor (Vanderbilt University), "On the Very Idea of a Philosophical Practice: Preface to a Prophetic Aesthetic"

September 27: Matthew Congdon (Vanderbilt University), "Moral Address: A Wittgensteinian Account"

October 4: Shaun Gallagher (University of Memphis), "Why a Zero-Point in First-person Perspective Doesn't Add Up"

November 15:  Christiana Olfert (Tufts University), "Does Knowledge Rule Out False Belief? A Platonic Answer"

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