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 All colloquiua will take place Fridays at 3:15pm unless noted otherwise. 

The Colloquium Series is made possible by the generous support of the McVean and Berry Funds.

Fall 2021

September 10: Thi Nguyen (University of Utah), "Value Capture" 

October 1: Emanuele Costa (Vanderbilt), "Transcendence and Immanence  in Anne Conway"*

Emanuele Costa will present a talk titled "Transcendence and Immanence in Anne Conway."

*This event will take place in person in Furman Hall 209. Please note all visitors are required to wear masks indoors. Click here for Vanderbilt's full masking and physical distancing policies

November 12: Rocío Zambrana (Emory) "Hegelian History Interrupted" with commentary by Andrew Burnside (Vanderbilt)

Zambrana poster

*This event will take place via Zoom

December 3: Myisha Cherry (UC Riverside), "Rage Renegades" with commentary by Holly Longair (Vanderbilt)

Cherry poster

*This event will take place via Zoom


Spring 2021

January 29 at 2:55pmNicole Hassoun (Binghamton), "Responding to the Tragedies of Our Time: The Human Right to Health and the Virtues of Creative Resolve"

February 5: William Stephens (Creighton), “Stoicism and Food", with commentary by Kelly Cunningham (Vanderbilt) and Lucy Vollbrecht (Vanderbilt)

February 19: Alia Al-Saji (McGill), “Touching the Wounds of Colonial Duration: Fanon and a Critical Phenomenology of Racialized Affect”, with commentary by Andrew Burnside (Vanderbilt)

The Berry Lecture in Public Philosophy

March 18 at 7:00pmEddie Glaude, Jr. (Princeton), “James Baldwin and Black Democratic Perfectionism”. More information about the Berry Lectures can be found at the link here.

April 2:  Şerife Tekin (University of Texas at San Antonio), “Rethinking Objectivity in Psychiatry: Unmuting Patients in Epistemic Practices”

Fall 2020

September 18: Catherine Hundleby (University of Windsor) & Moira Howes (Trent University), "Adversarial Argument, Agency, and Vulnerability", with commentary by  Tempest Henning (Vanderbilt)

October 2: Brandon Hogan (Howard University), "What 'Black Lives Matter' Should Mean", with commentary by Eric MacPhail (Vanderbilt)

October 16: J.M. Berstein (New School for Social Research), "The Responsibility Nexus: Vulnerability, Dependence, and Power", with commentary by Robert Engleman (Vanderbilt)

October 23: Shatema Threadcraft (Dartmouth), "U.S. Necropower as a Body Project"

November 6: Leonard Harris (Purdue University), "What, then, is 'Philosophy Born of Struggle'?" with commentary by Emerson Bodde (Vanderbilt)

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