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Unless otherwise noted:
Location: Furman Hall 209
Start time: 3:15 PM (Central)
Receptions to follow

The Colloquium Series is made possible by the generous support of the McVean and Berry Funds.

 Fall 2018

September 7 - Leif Wenar (Kings College, London), “The Value of Unity”

September 21 - Carrie Figdor (University of Iowa), “The Proper Domain of Psychological Predicates”

September 28 - Hanna Gunn (Vanderbilt), TBA

October 12 - Lissa Skitolsky (Susquehanna University), “‘Can I Get a Witness?’: Hip-Hop as Philosophical Text and Testimony

October 26 - TPA KEYNOTE: Quayshawn Spencer (Penn), “A Radical Solution to the Race Problem” (Evening lecture and reception)

November 9 - Lisa Tessman (SUNY Binghamton), TBA

Spring 2018

January 19 - John Corvino (Wayne State), "Conscience and Religious Exemptions"

January 26, Furman 209 - Sarah Wright (Georgia), "Why We Need Intellectual Humility to Help Us Avoid Epistemic Injustice"

March 16 - Heather Battaly (Connecticut), "Closed-mindedness as an Intellectual Vice and an Intellectual Virtue"

March 23 - Elizabeth Barnes (Virginia), "Disability and the Concept of Health"

Fall 2017

September 1 - Paul C. Taylor (Penn State), "Facing Ferguson: On the Innocent, the Vulnerable, and the Ordinary"

September 15 - David Shoemaker (Tulane), "Cruel Jokes and Normative Competence"

October 6, Evening Event - Clem Dore Memorial Lecture
Miranda Fricker (CUNY), "Ambivalence about Forgiveness"
Reception at 6pm, lecture at 7pm.

October 27, Evening Event - John Compton Lecture
Samuel Scheffler (NYU). "Why Worry about Future Generations?"
Reception at 6pm, lecture at 7pm.

November 3, 2:15 pm - James Lennox (Pittsburgh). "Self-preservation and Form-preservation: Puzzles about Aristotle's Nutritive Soul"

December 1 - Nicole Hassoun (Binghamton), "The Human Right to Health"

Spring 2017

January 20 - Graduate Student Workshop on Writing for Conferences

February 10 -  Wout Cornelissen (Vanderbilt, Department of German, Russian, and Eastern European Studies), “The Spell of Karl Popper: The Open Society and Its Closures”

February 17 - Dilek Huseyinzadegan (Emory), "How to Be a Kantian Feminist"

February 24 - Richard Lee (Arkansas), “Hume’s Constructivist Standard of Taste”

March 24 - Jason Stanley (Yale), "Hustle: Hidden Agendas in Language" *7pm, Furman 109*

March 31 - John Casey (Northeastern Illinois), “Argument Pacifism” 

April 7 - Janine Jones (UNC Greensboro), TBA 

Fall 2016

September 23 - Emma Davies  (Australian National University), “Towards an Environmental Literacy: Thinking the Derridean Logic of the Limit”

September 30 - Nahum Chandler  (UC Irvine), “Ongoing Thoughts on Paragraph Four of 'The Conservation of Races' (Or, On the Question of the Illimitable in the Thought of W.E.B. Du Bois)”

Wednesday, October 26, 7pm - John Compton Lecture
Catherine Wilson  (York and CUNY), “Moral Objectivity from an Empirical Standpoint”

November 4, 7pm, Furman 103 - TPA Keynote: Daniel Selcer  (Duquesne), "Hobbes, Spinoza, and Political Ontology"

November 11 - David Owen  (Southampton), “Refugees and the Problem of States”

November 18 - Cathy Legg  (Waikato), TBA

December 2 - Lydia Goehr  (Columbia), “Black, White, and Gray: On Monochromatic Formalism in Music and Painting (From Hegel to Adorno)”

Spring 2016

January 15 - Amy McKiernan (Vanderbilt), "How to Blame Ourselves and Others"

January 29 - Karen Ng (Vanderbilt), "Hegel and Adorno on Negative Universal History: The Dialectics of Species-Life"

February 19 - Thomas Dabay (Vanderbilt), "On the Inconsistency of Naturalism and Global Expressivism"

February 26 - Idit Dobbs-Weinstein (Vanderbilt),  Discussion of her recent book, Spinoza's Critique of Religion and Its Heirs

April 8 - Susan Brison (Dartmouth), “Words and Selves: Hate Speech and Narrative Self-Constitution”

Tuesday, April 19, 7pm - John Compton Lecture
James Sterba (Notre Dame), “Skeptical Theism to the Rescue?”

April 22 - Janine Jones (UNC Greensboro), TBA

Fall 2015

September 18 - Robert Talisse (Vanderbilt), "A Pragmatist Defense of Ideal Theory"

October 2 - Scott Aikin (Vanderbilt), "Is Fallibilism Coherent?"

October 23 - Christian Miller (Wake Forest), "Honesty"

October 30, 7pm, Furman 103- TPA Keynote - Susan Wolf (Chapel Hill), "Aesthetic Responsibility"

November 13 - Luke Semrau (Vanderbilt), "Altruism and the Ethical Acquisition of Organs"

December 4 - Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern), TBA

Spring 2015

January 16 - Peg Birmingham (DePaul University), “On Political Glory: Bearing the Unbearable”

January 30 - Lisa Guenther (Vanderbilt), Geoff Adelsberg (Vanderbilt), Scott Zeman (University of Colorado, Boulder), Sarah Tyson (University of Colorado, Denver), and Joshua Hall (Vanderbilt), “Book Panel on Philosophy, Mass Incarceration, and Capital Punishment: Philosophy Imprisoned and Death and Other Penalties”

February 13 - Micah Hester (The University of Arkansas), “Functional Death:  Why You Are Dead When We Say You Are Dead”

March 13 - Lori Gruen (Wesleyan University), “Dignity, Captivity, and Respectful Perception”

March 27 - Tobias Rosefeldt (Humboldt Univerity, Berlin), “Kant on Existence and Non-Existents”

April 10 - Caspar Hare (MIT), Title TBA

May 1 - Occasional Talk: Nancy Tuana (Penn State), TBA

Fall 2014

August 29 - Kathryn Gines (Penn State University), “Hannah Arendt and the Negro Question”

September 12 - Volker Gerhardt (Humboldt University, Berlin), “The Humanity in the Person of every Human: On the Theory of Humanity”

September 18 (Thursday) - Occasional Talk: Robert Shapiro (St. Xavier), “Philosophy vs. Poetry: The Mystery Surrounding Book X of Plato’s Republic”

October 10 (4-6pm) - Event in honor of John Compton

October 24 - Guy Axtell (Radford University), “Of Two Minds: Philosophical Implications of Dual Process Theory”

October 24 - Tennessee Philosophical Association Plenary Address: Bryan Frances (Fordham), “How Should One React to Religious Disagreement?” *Furman Hall 114, 7:30pm*

October 31 - Occasional Talk: Jim Crimmins (Western Ontario), “Utilitarianism in Early 19th Century America”

November 7 - Derrick Darby (University of Michigan), “Responsibility for Inequality”

November 21: Claudia Baracchi (University of Milan), “The Boundless Antiquity of Plato's Timaeus”

Spring 2014

February 14 - Alistair Norcross (University of Colorado), “The Road to Hell”

February 28 - Inaugural Lecture: Scott Aikin (Vanderbilt), “Modest Transcendental Arguments”

March 19 - Occasional Talk: Ann Cacoullos (University of Athens, Greece), “The Other Cities: Towards a Theory of Political Culture in Plato’s Politeia” *6:30pm, Furman 109*

March 21 - Gordon Finlayson (Sussex), “On Criticizing Immanently and Criticizing Well: An Heretical Account of Immanent Criticism"

March 28 - William Stephens (Creighton University), “Epictetus on Responsibility, Self-Respect, and Happiness” [Host: Scott Aikin]

April 4 - REACH Coalition, “Philosophy and Praxis on Tennessee's Death Row” [Host: Lisa Guenther]

April 11 - Cheryl Misak (University of Toronto), “Pragmatism and the Naturalist Project in Ethics and Politics” [Host: Rob Talisse]

April 28 - Occasional Talk, Huw Price (Cambridge), TBA

Fall 2013

September 6 - Andrew Mitchell (Emory), “The Art of Exposure: Thinking Sculpture with Heidegger” [Host David Wood]

September 20 - Bernard Boxill (UNC, Chapel Hill), “Notes on Domination, Servility and Self-Respect” [Host: Lou Outlaw]

September 27 - Jody Azzouni (Tufts), “What is said: Gricean approaches vs. Semantic Perception” [Host: Rob Talisse]

October 4 - Kristie Dotson (Michigan State), “The Personal is Epistemological? Considering the Impact of Epistemological Resilience on Theories of Testimonial Knowledge” [Hosts: Jose Medina and Lou Outlaw]

October 18, 19 - Conference on the Regress Problem (Scott Aikin)

October 25-26 - TPA, with inaugural keynote address by Mylan Engel (Northern Illinois University)

November 1-2 - Conference on Pacifism (Larry May and Andrew Forcehimes)

November 8 - Warren Montag (Occidental College), “Mente, quae imperium in Corpus habet: the notion of commanding the body in Ethics III, P2, sch.” [Host: Idit Dobbs-Weinstein]

November 14 - Occasional Paper: Matt Congdon (New School), “Resentment and Remorse: On the Emotional Structure of Moral Address” *7 pm*

November 15-16 - Conference on Latina Feminism (Jose Medina and Andrea Pitts)