Skin Coat

Team Wild’s single “Blondie” bursts out of the silence like a Gatling gun aimed straight for the heart. Jean Fleury’s tight snare roll gives way to Amélie D. Noordzee’s sinking guitar riffs, which seem to bleed out over the next 2:46. The bright tense lilting of her vocals brings the song into focus and shines a stark light on the sources of its pain. There is no irony here, just raw nerve and bared flesh.

Blondie” is the first track of Team Wild’s unreleased album Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose. From that first song, the album then jumps headlong into a darkness of the heart. But while the hurt-so-good indulgence of these songs’ rage might, at times, approach despair, Noordzee’s deft songwriting rises each time to save us.

After the release of their 2013 EP Taekwondo, producer Robin Eaton contacted Amélie and proposed recording a full length album with her at his Alex the Great Studio in Nashville. They met in Lille, France (where Team Wild is currently based), hit it off, and a few short months later, Amélie and drummer Jean Fleury made the trek to Tennessee.

The album was recorded over a period of two weeks in November 2014, and is currently seeking an American label for release.

Team Wild