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GPED Students


GPED Group Photograph, April 2019

2019-2020 Student Representatives

Aaron Ferguson & Fan Liu


2018-2019 Student Representative End-Of-Year Video


Student Testimonials

Ruta Delkute, December 2018 Alumna | Lithuania

"GPED provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn and grow, not only in academic sense, but also personally. I had to communicate with peers from all over the world, learned from them and with them. I engaged into a field research that allowed to get to know Paraguay as well as my own country. And on top of that I received a lot of support to reach my career goals. I am graduating knowing that I have everything it takes to have a career I always wanted."



Sahesha Upadhyay,  May 2019 Alumna | Nepal

“The GPED has certainly exceeded my expectations! I have thoroughly enjoyed the classroom experience, the incredible field-experience in Paraguay as well as my interactions with friends from all over the world. Also, the GPED community is very close-knit, which makes it unique from other graduate programs.  I really appreciate all the support I’ve had from Sharon, Kelly and Prof. Anderson to make the best out of my two years at GPED. I believe that GPED has provided me with all the right resources and skill set to start my career as a development professional.”



Shatakshi Gupta, May 2019 Alumna | India

"The GPED is an exceptional program with a flexible course structure and amazing career opportunities. The two years I've spent in the program at Vanderbilt has been some of the most cherished years of my life."