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M.A. Placements

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Our graduates work for a variety of employers, including international organizations, U.S. and international government offices, central and government banks, NGOs, consulting firms, and private industry. Some students go on to Ph.D. or other further study in fields such as finance, marketing, public policy, law, and more.

Alumni Spotlight

Hanchen Jiang, MA’14

Assistant Professor, University of North Texas

Hanchen is a 2014 GPED graduate who recently received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. His research interests include the areas of labor economics, urban economics, development economics, and policy analysis, with a focus on poverty, inequality, and social mobility. He has also served as a consultant for the World Bank within the Sustainable Development team.


Previous Placements

Job Placements

Chief of Operations
InterAmerican Development Bank

Financial Officer
International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Senior Economist
International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Senior Advisor
United Nations

Economic Affairs Officer
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

USAID Trade and Regulatory Reform Office

Macroeconomic Consultant, Financial Analyst, Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Research Associate

World Bank


Research Associate
Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL)

Operations and External Relations Manager
Africa Leadership Foundation

Supply Chain Analyst
Ascension Health

Center for Refugees and Immigrants Tennessee

Research Assistant
Indian Institute of Management

Business Development Associate
Social Impact

Existing Industry Coordinator
Catawba County Economic Development Corporation

Economic Development Coordinator
City of Watauga, TX

Intermediate Research Analyst
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Settlement Analyst
Lower Colorado River Authority (LCIA)

State of Tennessee Finance Department, Office of Management

*returned to previous employer

Trade Commissioner*
Canadian Embassy, Kabul, Afghanistan

Senior Manager*
Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC)

National Research Expert
Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency

Fiscal Analyst*
Ministry of Finance, Indonesia

Principal Assistant Secretary*
Ministry of Finance, Malaysia

Director, Administrative Budget Division*

Government Official*
Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Korea

Deputy Director*
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, South Korea

Senior Competition Expert*
Turkish Competition Authority

Essence Securities

Business Analyst
Agricultural Bank of China

Head of Economic Research Division
National Bank of Kazakhstan

Manager, Internal Audit
Central Bank of The Gambia

Deputy Governor
Central Bank of The Philippines

Chief, Accounting Department
Central Bank of Turkey 

Research Associate 
Export-Import Bank of Korea Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City


Data and Policy Analyst
Acumen LLC

Central-Japan Railway Company

Research Management Assistant
China National Machinery Industry Corporation

Researcher in Business Intelligence and Macro Economy
China Resources Holdings Co.

Project Manager
Conference Exchange (ConFex)

Financial Manager
Ernst and Young

Manager of Macroeconomic Section
FUSADES, El Salvador

Special Assistant to the CEO
Mathematica Policy Research

Business Analyst
Music City Insurance & Finance LLC, Nashville

Project Coordinator

Data System Programmer
The Sphere Institute

Senior Research Analyst
UBO Consulting

Settlement Specialist

Data Analyst, Quality Value Analyst

Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Business Optimization Analyst

Placements in Ph.D. Programs

American University - 2

Auburn University - 1

Bahia Blanca (Argentina) - 1

Boston University - 1

Claremont Graduate University - 2

George Mason University - 2

George Washington University -2

Georgetown University - 1

Georgia State University - 1

Ghent University (Belgium) - 1

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - 1

Indiana University - 2

Johns Hopkins University  1

McGill University (Canada) - 2

North Carolina State University - 2

Northern Illinois University - 1

Ohio State University - 1

Purdue University - 2

RAND Graduate School - 1

Rutgers University - 1

Simon Fraser University (Canada) - 2

Southern Illinois University - 1

Southern Methodist University - 1

Texas A&M University - 1

Toulouse School of Economics (France) - 2

University of British Columbia (Canada) - 1

University of California-Davis - 1

University of Connecticut - 1

University of Georgia - 1

University of Kentucky - 1

University of Maryland - 2

University of Minnesota - 1

University of Missouri - 2

University of Oklahoma - 1

University of Washington - 1

University of Western Ontario (Canada) - 2

Vanderbilt University - 6

York University (Canada) - 1

University of California-Irvine – 1

University of Hawaii - 1

University of Kansas - 1

University of Tennessee – 1

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill – 1

Rutgers University – 1

University of Texas-Dallas – 1

Tilburg University (Netherlands) – 1

University of Georgia - 1

Placements in Other Graduate Programs

Vanderbilt Law School – 1

Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University – 1

Brown University (M.A. Public Administration ) – 1

Columbia University (M.A. Statistics/Math) – 1

Johns Hopkins University (M.A. Government) – 1

Vanderbilt University, Owen Graduate School of Management (MBA) - 1