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Seminar in economics.


The Department of Economics hosts a number of seminar series, which annually bring more than 100 experts in their fields to present their research to the academic community. The department runs seminars in macro and micro, while individual faculty host seminar series in their particular fields. All details, including time and location, are in the calendar.

The department also hosts several public lectures, including the Steine Lecture in Economics and the McGee Public Policy Lecture.

Click on down button on right side of calendar to choose which seminar series to view. Color key is below.

  • All Seminars
  • Applied Economics Workshop
  • Departmental Seminars
  • Econometrics Workshop
  • Economic History Workshop
  • Empirical-Micro Workshop
  • GPED Forum
  • International Workshop
  • McGee Lecture Series
  • Political Economy Seminars
  • Public Policy Seminars
  • Steine Lecture Series