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Top Reasons Why Students Choose GPED

  • Course Flexibility. Course schedule can be individualized according to each student's particular needs. Students may take electives which relate to their programs such as business and finance courses from the Owen Graduate School of Management; Management of Technology courses in the Engineering School; International Education Policy courses from Peabody College; courses from Latin American Studies, Public Health, and Political Science.
  • GPED Forum. A new seminar series, the "GPED Forum" was established in 2013.  Prominent thinkers (including GPED alumni) from academia, policy organizations, think-tanks, corporations, as well as non-profit organizations, visit us for a day and give a one hour lecture on a topic related to their field. Time is also allotted for GPED students to meet these top economists and interact with them.   The current schedule is available at:
  • Class Size. There are typically 10 to 35 persons in courses offered to GPED students.
  • Alumni Network. Since its beginning in 1956, the program has maintained a strong network of alumni from more than 125 countries.
  • Free Tutoring services. GPED students are provided with teaching assistants for each subject course and tutoring services at no additional charge.
  • Program Assistance.  GPED staff members assist students from the time they apply to the program, provide support for them during the duration of their studies, and keep close contact with them after they graduate. From a friendly greeting to assisting with academic issues, the GPED staff ensures students enjoy a welcoming environment and help them make the most of their time in the GPED, at Vanderbilt, and in Nashville. International students additionally receive support from International Student and Scholar Services.
  • Vanderbilt Community.  Sarratt Student Center, the Student Recreation Center, the Student Health Center, as well as other facilities, are user friendly and easily accessible.
  • Job Opportunities on campus. There are many opportunities for students to work on campus. Students often work in one of the Libraries, the Student Recreation Center, Residence Life or Dining Services. 
  • Nashville. Vanderbilt University is located in a beautiful and safe city with a mild climate and moderate living expenses. The population is approximately  600,000. More information can be found at: .