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The Graduate Program in Economic Development (GPED) is a tight-knit and supportive community, which provides students with the tools they need to better understand the process of economic decision-making and data analytics. The program leads to the M.A. degree in economics (STEM designated) and is designed to meet the needs of participants who come from a diversity of backgrounds all over the world.  The GPED provides training that is appropriate for a variety of career paths, including careers in government, international organizations, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. The program also prepares students for further graduate study in Economics and other fields.

Welcome New Fall 2019 Students!

 Fall Studying welcome   


September 2019 Student Spotlight

Aaron Ferguson is a native of Hayesville, North Carolina and graduate of the University of North Carolina at Asheville, is currently just starting his second year in the GPED program but he has already hit the ground running this summer as the new class representative.  Over the summer Aaron has been involved with welcoming the new students by serving as a local guide and resource sharing helping information about Nashville, Vanderbilt and the GPED program to the new students.  Additionally, Aaron will be presenting at our first fall forum with a group of students that participated in Econ 7930’s fieldwork course to Chile in the Spring semester.  Aaron will also be involved with planning the annual fall trip to the Smokey Mountains amongst other events on and off-campus throughout the school year. Additionally, Aaron also holds three on-campus jobs and is involved with the Graduate Certificate Program in Global Health.  During Aaron’s free time he enjoys exploring the Nashville region with his wife, Lindsey, and their dog.  After Aaron graduates in the spring of 2020, he plans to travel to Europe during the summer months then further his education by continuing on in a Ph.D. in Economics program. Best of luck in your second year, Aaron!


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