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Project on the Global Impact of the GPED funded by Chancellor’s office

Posted by on Monday, October 24, 2022 in Uncategorized.

A project proposed by Kamal Saggi, Kevin Huang, and Brooke Talley (all of Economics), in addition to Edward Fischer (of Anthropology) has been funded by a Chancellor’s Sesquicentennial Grant.  Only 15 grants were funded, with the purpose of engaging “with the university’s history, look[ing] ahead to its future and reflect[ing] what makes Vanderbilt a distinctive global institution.”  The GPED grant will support the preparation of an academic report on the history and impact of the Graduate Program in Economic Development. This project will also support a plan to invite an eminent GPED alumnus for a campus visit and talk during Vanderbilt’s sesquicentennial celebrations in 2023.  Congratulations to all!