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Myrna Wooders

Professor of Economics

Professor Wooders is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, an Economic Theory Fellow, and a Fellow of the Game Theory Society.  Among her activities, she is a Visiting Research Professor at NYUAD, Editor of Journal of Public Economic Theory, a VU Faculty Senator, a Member of GetPreCiSe (an NIH Center for Excellence in Ethics Research), and President of the Association of Public Economic Theory.

Myrna Wooders’ research has concentrated on game theory and its applications, including public economics and information economics. Her recent work has focused on problems of team/coalition formation from the perspectives of non-cooperative game theory and simulation experiments, supported by data from the field.  Her research with GetPreCiSe focuses on issues of genetic privacy and identity. Experiments using techniques from experimental economics are in the development stage for both these lines of research. Her research is currently supported by the NSF and the NIH.  She is also working on issues of prejudice and discrimination, developing theory and testing theory in the lab.