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Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a small country in the Caribbean, located on the island of Hispañola, shared with its neighbor to the West, Haiti.  The country has a powerful political and social history shaped by power struggles and intense race relations, and in the past has been known for its sugar production and today, a booming tourist industry.

Lesson Guides and Classroom Activities:
Basic Grammar Lesson - Que Hacen los Dominicanos?
Grade Levels: 5–8, 9–12
Subject Area(s): Spanish 
This grammar lesson, which is adaptable to all levels of Spanish, involves answering questions regarding the work activities of Dominican peoples. The questions can be answered by Level I students later in the academic year and by any level beyond.
Grade Levels: K–4, 5–8, 9–12
Subject Area(s): Spanish, Social Studies, World language
The purpose of this activity and game is to review and practice Spanish positional prepositions. The activity also highlights places of interest in the Dominican Republic. It is adaptable to any grade level.
Grade Levels: 5–8, 9–12
Subject Area(s): Social Studies, Spanish
Students will learn about the history and culture of the Dominican Republic from the information sheet included. Students complete a passport booklet activity containing travel information.
Grade Levels: 5–8, 9–12
Subject Area(s): Spanish
Students will make engage in observations about transportation in the Dominican Republic, as well as complete a student project in Spanish related to street signs, or travel recommendations.
 Travel Brochure Activity - Dominican Republic
Grade Levels: K–4, 5–8
Subject Area(s): Spanish, Social Studies
Students will act as a travel agent and create a travel brochure for the Dominican Republic. Involves research on cities in the Dominican Republic (including: santo domingo, cabarete, santiago, san cristobal and puerto plata), as well a research the history, president, government $ exchange rate, and attractions in the Dominican Republic.
Grade Levels: 9–12, College
Subject Area(s): Spanish II, Spanish II, Honors Spanish, World Language
Students will gain an understanding of the Dominican Republic by discussing markets and shopping venues, including open-air markets, supermarkets, colmados, and fruit and vegetable stands, and to make comparisons and cross-cultural connections to these places in the United States.
Grade Levels: 5–8, 9–12
Subject Area(s): Spanish, Geography, Bilingual
This web research activity for students designed to familiarize themselves with the Dominican Republic.  Included are basic questions on geography, climate, culture and demographics, giving students an opportunity to learn about the country. This activity is in English and Spanish.

Lesson Plans

PDF Basic Grammar Lesson - Que Hacen los Dominicanos?
PDF Dónde estoy en la República Dominicana?
PDF Passport to the Dominican Republic
PDF Transportation in the Dominican Republic
PDF Travel Brochure Activity - Dominican Republic
PDF Webquest - Dominican Republic

CLAS Lending Library Resources

DVD Black in Latin America (2011)
Book Dominican Republic: A National History
Book In the Time of the Butterflies
Book The Atlantic Slave Trade: Second Edition
Book The Feast of the Goat (Dominican Republic)
Book The Heart that Bleeds: Latin America Now

CLAS Workshop Presentations

PPT The Era of Trujillo