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Basic Grammar Lesson - Que Hacen los Dominicanos?

Subject Area: Spanish 

Grade Levels: 5-8, 9-12

This grammar lesson, which is adaptable to all levels of Spanish, involves answering questions regarding the work activities of Dominican peoples. The questions can be answered by Level I students later in the academic year and by any level beyond.

These questions can be adjusted for more advanced students by changing the tenses. For example, the questioncan be changed to the preterite tense by adding ayer. The imperfect, future, any of the perfect tenses, and even the subjunctive can be practiced as well. Adding Es importante que or other subjunctive trigger expressions will force the use of that mood in any of its tenses your students are studying.

The authentic photographs should help students remember new vocabulary and review the old via the visual stimuli on the slides. The slides also offer the possibility to further your students' knowledge of the culture and history of the Dominican Republic as you expand on the questions and their implications.


Bonnie Seay


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Grade Levels

5–8, 9–12