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Dónde estoy en la República Dominicana?


Students will review and practice Spanish positional prepositions.

1. Teacher will review positional prepositions with students. Refer to the following online resources to present or review the topic.

 2. Pass out game boards to students. Students will take turns being the “turista” (tourist). The turista draws one of the slips of paper that has a place of interest in the Dominican Republic. Then the turista asks the class, ¿Dónde estoy en la República Dominicana?

3. The students in the class take turns asking questions containing positional prepositions to determine the location of the turista. For example, ¿Estás al lado del Monumento? ¿Estás cerca de la Zona Colonial?

4. The turista will respond “sí” or “no” to each question. Students may guess where the turista is after asking their question (if they think they know the location.)

5. The game may also be played in small groups if the teacher prints off more than one set of the locations of interest cards.


Katrina King


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