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Vamos de Compras - La Republica Dominicana el pasado y el presente


To gain an understanding of this country by talking about markets and shopping venues in the Dominican Republic: open-air markets, supermarkets, colmados, and fruit and vegetable stands, and to make comparisons and cross-cultural connections to these places in the U.S.


1. Incorporating material from Capítulo 3A of Realidades, level 2, and Capítulo 1 of Realidades, level 3, students will gain an understanding of cultural perspectives on shopping in a Spanish- speaking country.

2. Students will learn about typical cuisine in the Dominican Republic.

3. Students will use the target language in planning purchases and bargaining, using a foreign currency.

4. Students will present a short skit to the class in which they act out their shopping experiences.


Holly Knox


Lesson Plans

Grade Levels

9–12, College