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VCL Classroom Spotlight

Posted by on Friday, February 23, 2024 in Uncategorized.

Elementary Hindi-Urdu I

Explore Elementary Hindi-Urdu in the VCL’s first Classroom Spotlight video! This sneak-peak, led by Dr. Divya Chaudhry, showcases class activities and student testimonials, demonstrating why this course is a must for cultural immersion and language skills. Prof. Chaudhry shares insights and highlights her passion for teaching this class. Interested in showcasing your own language course? Please reach out to Join us on a journey of language, culture, and community today!

Incorporating Improv into the Second Language Classroom

Our Graduate Student, Courtney Rehkamp, outlines how Prof. Chaudhry utilizes improv in her language classes. See how it can benefit your students and find more resources here!