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As of Monday August 15, the office of the undergraduate deans in the College of Arts and Science has moved from 311 Kirkland to 350 Buttrick. Phone numbers are unchanged. The residents of 350 Buttrick are:

Ms Amber Allen (assisting Deans Christie-Mizell, Jones, and Morgan)
Ms Vickie Latham (assisting Dean Moore)
Ms Lisa Poynter (assisting Dean Rapisarda)<

Ms Racquel Goff (Office of Academic Services)
Ms Lisa Wright (Office of Academic Services)

Dean André Christie-Mizell
Dean Yollette Jones
Dean Roger Moore
Dean Dan Morgan
Dean Martin Rapisarda

If you have forms to drop off (such as the declaration of your major, a course add/drop, etc.), or need to meet with an undergraduate dean or member of the Office of Academic Services, please remember that 350 Buttrick is our new home. Come visit!