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Professor Bianca Manago named Dean’s Faculty Fellow

Posted by on Tuesday, August 23, 2022 in Department News, Research Spotlights.

Assistant Professor Bianca Manago has been named a Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Sociology for a term running from 2022-2024. The Dean’s Faculty Fellows Program launched in 2018 to support tenure-track faculty in their research, scholarship, and creative expression during their probationary period. The fellowship includes the opportunity for research funds and course reductions to provide resources for intellectual growth.

Professor Manago’s research examines the factors that shape two related forms of inequality: stigma, a measure of social exclusion, and status,the extent to which one is perceived as respected and competent. In Prof. Manago’s research, she targets a number of substantive areas in which stigma and status processes are present (e.g., health, race, gender, and sexuality). This approach allows her to increase generalizability of these sociological phenomena, and also to understand what is different regarding content, consequences, management, and foundations of discrimination.

Congratulations, Professor Manago!