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Student Publications

“Fighting Words: Pro-Choice Cause Lawyering, Legal-Framing Innovations, and Hostile Political Legal Contexts”“Feminist Friends of the Court: Amicus Curiae, Social Movement Institutional Activism, and the U.S. Supreme Court's Women's-Rights Cases""Part-time work and health in the United States: The role of state policies"
Law & Social Inquiry

McCammon, Holly J. & Cathryn Beeson-Lynch (2021)
Sociological Focus

McCammon, Holly J., Magdalena Sudibjo, Cathryn Beeson-Lynch , Amanda Brockman, and Minyoung Moon (2021)
Social Medicine and Science - Population Health
Donnelly, Rachel & Adam Schoenbachler (2021)

“Disrupting Monolithic Thinking about Black Women and their Mental Health: Does Stress Exposure Explain Intersectional Ethnic, Nativity, and Socioeconomic Differences?” "Classed Education Trajectories and Intimate Partnering of International Students: A Case of Chinese International Undergraduate Students in the United States""Sources of Continued Corporate Dominance"
Social Problems

Erving, Christy L. and Monisola Vaughan Smith (2021)
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2020.1828841
Kim, Yu-Ri (2020)
Class, Race and Corporate Power 7,2

Murray, Joshua and Megan L. Jordan (2019)

Privileging their lens: Using photovoice to explore the self-image and camp participation of youth with upper limb differences.”“Equity and Engagement in the Arts: Regional Differences in the Missions of Local Arts Agencies in the United States.”"Understanding Nashville’s Housing Crisis, Part 2: How do People Lose Their Homes?”
Journal of Creativity in Mental Health 14(3): 315-328

Indelicato, Natalie Arce, Rachel R. Underwood and Brianna M. Kane (2019)
Policy Report of the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public Policy

Cornfield, Daniel B., Rachel Skaggs, Elizabeth Barna,Megan Jordan, and Megan Robinson (2018)
Metro Human Relations Commission>

Imran, Sarah, Ken Chilton, Tessa Edelman, Melody Fowler-Green, Megan Jordan, Ian Montgomery, Zac Oswald, Lauren Plummer, Sara Safransky, Austin Sauerbrei, and Rachel Underwood (2018)