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Faculty Publications

“Everyday Adaptation: Theorizing climate change adaptation in daily life.”"Physical and Mental Health Disparities at the Intersection of Sexual and Gender Minority Statuses: Evidence from Population-Level Data"
Global Enviromental Change ,
Brianna Castro, Raka Sen (2022)
Demography Jun 1;60(3):731-760
Lawrence Stacey, Wes Wislar (2023)

“Accelerating Racial Activism in STEM Higher Education by Institutionalizing Equity Ethics”“School Accountability, Teacher Empowerment and Student Achievement"“Anticipatory Stress, State Policy Contexts, and Mental Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic"
Teachers College Record 125(9):108-139
McGee, Ebony O., Terrell R. Morton, Devin T. White, and Whitney R. Frierson (2023)
Chapter in the Handbook on Teachers' Work: International Perspectives on Research and Practice. Edited by N. Bascia and R. Maton. New York: Routledge Press

Ingersoll, R. & Ingersoll, H. (Forthcoming).
SSM - Population Health 23:101415
Farina, Mateo P., Zhe Zhang, and Rachel Donnelly (2023)

"Romantic Relationships, Parenthood, and the Personal Sense of Mastery: The Consequences of Gender among Young Adults”
Sociological Focus ,
C. Andre Christie-Mizell, Brittany N. Hearne, Ryan D. Talbert, Cleotha G. Frazier (2023)

“Centering and Decentering Women: U.S. Supreme Court Discrimination Opinions and a Discursive Struggle over Women’s Status”“Standardizing Refuge: Pipelines and Pathways in the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program”
Sociological Focus, 41: 1261-1294
Holly McCammonand Amanda Konet (forthcoming)
American Sociological Review,
Jake Watson, (2023)


"Parental Death Across the Life Course, Social Isolation, and Health in Later Life: Racial/Ethnic Disadvantage in the U.S”“In Pursuit of Cultural Equity:
DEI Grantmaking Practices
of U.S. Local Arts Agencies in
Community Context”
“Financing the climate: How the process of financialization changes the relationship
between CO2 emissions and GDP per capita”
Social Forces , 102(2):586-608
Rachel DonnellyZhiyong Lin, Debra Umberson (2023)
American Behavioral Scientist, DOI: 10.1177/00027642231177902
Daniel B. CornfieldChancey Herbolsheimer,
and Savannah Bastian(forthcoming)
Nature and Culture,
Patrick Trent Greiner,
Julius Alexander McGee; and Ethan P. Gibbons(forthcoming

"Conflict and uneven development in the multidecade distributed solar energy transition in the United States”“Turning Points in U.S. Labor History, Political Culture, and the Current Upsurge in Labor Militancy”
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , DOI:10.1073/pnas.2206200119 David Hess (2023)Work and Occupations, 50(3) 359–367
Larry W. Issac(2023)