The Ballad of Willie Nelson

The Bag End March

Bella’s Bartok

sounds like Tom Waits kicking the crap out of the Fleet Foxes, whilst being serenaded by a klezmer wedding band. They’ll play your wedding, your dive bar, your DIY venue, your backyard and the street. Electric or acoustic. They are here to make you dance, make you scream and make it happen all over again. Walk and dance, run and rage. They’re Bella’s Bartok.

“The Bag End March” and “The Ballad of Nellie Wilson” are from the band’s upcoming EP entitled Don’t Be Yourself. The EP is a collection of tunes meant to buck the old adage of “be yourself” in new or strange situations. They want to make things a bit weird and live outside of the norm, and they want their music to convey that to the listener.

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